Ask Mojang #16: Tools and Gear
Join Christine, Abby, Cory and Jen for an episode of Ask Mojang dedicated to tools and gear! Find out how we work with community feedback, if we’re planning copper tools and armor, and why the crossbow can shoot fireworks! Was it because we had a certain pop song on repeat in the office that day? There’s only one way to find out!

  • Legendary Aakif
    Legendary Aakif

    why is bedrock edition so neglected? why does java got off-hand but not bedrock?

  • Banana Playz
    Banana Playz

    using warped fungus in my off-hand to scare hoglins xD

  • LukeBall LS6004593
    LukeBall LS6004593

    y don't u add the cactus armor

  • Badr El haidouri
    Badr El haidouri

    Can you add slingshots to Minecraft and if you're asking what would the ammo be you know how you can turn iron ingots to iron nuggets why not make it so when you put Cobblestone into a crafting table it will turn to little stones


    Ask Mojang add the farlands again


    Mojang por favor todos los objetos y mobs de Minecraft que eliminaste que vuelvan a Minecraft

  • MadOps

    I hope enderite will be added

  • Stephanie Bradshaw
    Stephanie Bradshaw

    Can you add more redstone


    why do you not make a wife for steve in single player world

  • Pain...

    Please tell me why bedrock can't get the java combat update like come on we bedrock players don't have sweeping edge making enderman or other exp farms almost useless or hard to use and some people that play bedrock get tricked into using the axe as a weapon in pvp or putting sharp v on it i honestly think that you mojang should put dual wielding and the combat update onto bedrock before anything else breaks out.

  • mr progamer 5214
    mr progamer 5214

    will you add obsidian amour

  • LeeJoy

    Will you ever do dynamic lighting? Or at least mining helmet?

  • Alana Okeefe
    Alana Okeefe

    Can we add same more pets to tame

  • Angel Fernandez
    Angel Fernandez

    Hey could they add netherite trident pls and iron shield and gold shield and diamond shield and netherite shield

  • _h0t4ch4n_

    Us bedrock player needs alot of stuff. 1. Build on top of the nether (the bedrock) 2. CUSTOM SHIELDS? 3. we need to hold food/torch/tools/map/shield off-hand aswell :(

  • LyricPlayzAndCreatesAndShares

    Can you pls make it so you can put everything in you off hand in bedrock edition


    Can you put different totem

  • Ishon Haveeshana
    Ishon Haveeshana

    Can you give door , fance gate , trapdoor there own sound effects in bedrock edition? We are bored with wooden door sounds :/

  • Envotry

    I want to hold a bow in off hand so i can fight when i was shooting bow

  • Oskar

    4:18 Cory is staring into my soul and i am scared

  • xXGrimXx

    I wish copper armor was like a opposite gold its weak but last forever and is damaged with time instead of by player damage

  • pizzagamin YT
    pizzagamin YT

    I think reinforced armor would be cool

  • Alonzo910

    Im still waiting for Aetherite Armor And before anyone asks no, this is not part of the aether mod and its completely original

  • Exzequiel

    if there was copper armor and tools then copper will be the second the maniest tools

  • Jackson French
    Jackson French

    Is the Warden going to be a bossfight? If not then what boss would you guys make? And what would it drop?

  • Enrique Cabello
    Enrique Cabello

    Make Wandering Traders sleep

  • AwesomeGame1907

    Add things to bedrock that java has plz

  • Eric ツ
    Eric ツ


  • Zypsie

    Bro they need to add like more mobs to fight ngl

  • plcd

    Wen are you gonna add new food

  • KingVenn'øM

    Us Bedrock players want to Build on Top of Nether that was gonna be cool

  • Minecraft playz
    Minecraft playz

    Rusted copper sword rust affect posion to death without milk

  • marilyn andria
    marilyn andria

    Mojang you add a frog in minecraft?

  • Mother Reaper
    Mother Reaper

    Is there a way to make your subtitles bigger please? They were very hard to read and find out what was being said.

  • Janice Chavez
    Janice Chavez

    Can Xbox one and I will players play inside the same world please because my me and my cousin Joshua he’s on Java and I’m on the Xbox so what do I do to get him on my world or on his world so me and him can play together?

  • Vishmala Naipaul
    Vishmala Naipaul


  • Vishmala Naipaul
    Vishmala Naipaul

    Tell mojang add a jellyfish

  • Chesca Eunice Salvador
    Chesca Eunice Salvador

    what are the armors and tools in the future what are the new tools and armors


    Mojang pls Add Amythiest armor

    • Harrish Romero
      Harrish Romero

      Is there amythiest armor in real life

  • Palabrarabe rep
    Palabrarabe rep

    Mojang: what do you want to hold in off head a flower Me: - _ -

  • Leonardo Oliveira
    Leonardo Oliveira

    I have one idea for cooper armor and cooper weapons what if cooper weapons do eletrick damage

    • Harrish Romero
      Harrish Romero

      Fun fact: copper rod have electricity if a lighting trikes

  • Johan Miagao
    Johan Miagao

    Can you put the redstone under water?

  • Johan Miagao
    Johan Miagao

    If i combine banner with sheild did not work

  • Johan Miagao
    Johan Miagao

    Can he add amethyst armor?

  • Steven Paul Silas
    Steven Paul Silas

    The chisel and bits mod made the game look more detailed, wouldn't it be cool if the chisel tool was actually in the game because chiseled stone bricks exist in Minecraft.

  • Dipa Play Toy
    Dipa Play Toy

    Can u add change perspective quickly button in minecraft pe mobile?

  • Gabe Pettingill
    Gabe Pettingill

    Yeah so let's just leave copper the most useless ore that it is Honestly, another mid range armor and tool would be better than what we have now

  • RAD

    Why do i hate zoom meeting format videos now?

  • Almeer Kazi
    Almeer Kazi

    What do you want to hold in ur offhand......... EVERYTHING

  • ปาณัสม์ พิพัฒน์พงศ์
    ปาณัสม์ พิพัฒน์พงศ์

    If you added new copper armors be like: 1.Covering Copper Armors 2.Changed your Game Mode to Survival 3./weather thunder *I'm in Survival Mode 4.Lightning bolt has spawn somewhere and they come to me 5.I'm died with reason Stuck in Lightning Mojang shouldn't do that

  • Forge Wire
    Forge Wire

    I wanna hold lava in my off hand

  • DogeyGamer23

    I want all the music to play because bedrock only plays 19/36 that java plays all of that it’s makes bedrock feel dead compared to java or console editions

  • Greg is not my name
    Greg is not my name

    It’d be cool to be able to craft that have a very rare chance to randomly get an high fortune enchantment when crafted

  • KoenTheRandom 1
    KoenTheRandom 1

    You should be able to make a copper sword and then occasionally it will get struck by lightning and enchant it for 10 seconds with smite

  • Donut Boy
    Donut Boy

    1:27 sexually innuendo

  • Kyle Ghost
    Kyle Ghost

    I wish Minecraft bedrock would have some sort of sorting system

  • Sharky Pro
    Sharky Pro

    Can you add spikey amathest armor so it deals damage to mobs or extra damage

  • Endermaster

    Do you plan on making ore for the end

  • SlurpSlime

    Question: Will Enderite will be added in the 1.19 End Update?

  • bowl hat
    bowl hat

    what if you added log armour wich is binded with leather and made with 4 sided log things making leather more optimal and less tedious so people dont skip and just getting iron (upsides: arrow resistance light sword resistance . downsides:fire fire fire, no nether, axes and fire resistance potions don't save the armor only you) the downsides may seem overwhelming but most are fire realated.

  • Ahmad Zag
    Ahmad Zag

    can there be a boss in every boim.

  • Max Gebetsroither
    Max Gebetsroither

    I want Enderite amour which doesn't get destroyed by the void or cactus please

  • noahb_i_am

    You could put torches and swords/pickaxes in your other hand not just flowers

  • flame_ V3
    flame_ V3

    I actually have a question about tools and armour have you ever thought of making the rest of the armour for like turtle helmets

  • gaming pro
    gaming pro

    just add the off hand slot in bedrock

  • canal oculto
    canal oculto

    mojang meu ovo

  • Mien Carr
    Mien Carr

    When can we bedrock player can spawn Herobrine

  • Arnav Reddy Yennapusa
    Arnav Reddy Yennapusa

    can you plz stop making bedrock edition worse than java and just add all the java features into bedrock

  • callum sheridan
    callum sheridan

    Plz could you add beacon armor? I’ve asked for this years ago on the suggestions page and NEVER got a response! It would be the next tier of armor. I’d be happy to say more but my fingers hurt. If you add this could I beta test it? I’ve wanted this for so long, that u would love if I could have the honor to beta test it.

  • Chocolate Donut
    Chocolate Donut

    Is it just me or does the top left look like Pam from the office

  • Trigger Supersonic
    Trigger Supersonic

    Why it ad obsidian tools

  • Ultra

    I want I new dimension in MC more like new block

    • Harrish Romero
      Harrish Romero

      Go to the infinity dimensions update April fool to complete the all dimensions it will be 126nyear to complete

  • Mathew Warren
    Mathew Warren

    Wouldn't it be cool if copper armor got weaker after you used it? Like timewise, but I guess usage could be a neat idea too

  • Alan Vu
    Alan Vu

    2:30 wow that’s mean

    • Alan Vu
      Alan Vu

      At least we have netherite slabs/stairs or copper armor and tools!

    • Alan Vu
      Alan Vu

      3:03 that was very disappointing



  • olivia storment-frazier
    olivia storment-frazier

    We really just want bedrock and Java to be equal and to hear that’s what the dream is makes me very happy

  • master0z gaming
    master0z gaming

    If Mojang add any armor, i think sea armor will be the best(Same tier as netherite) because nether is for nether expedition and sea is for sea expedition:>

  • Christopher Lucas
    Christopher Lucas


  • Trinker

    Could there be a new type of ore for the end like Enderite?

    • Trinker

      Also will there be the possibility of having snapshots/the power to go back between minecraft versions on bedrock at any given time, doing this before 1.19 will bring the versions many steps closer

  • Yousef Mohamed
    Yousef Mohamed

    4:33 Uhh……why are you guys stareing at me like that?……Hello? *Intense sweating*

  • sam behzadi
    sam behzadi

    Don’t keep a secret

  • sam behzadi
    sam behzadi

    About amethyst armour and amethyst tools

  • Exalotol

    I have a question to ask mojang on the sides of the crafting table there seems to be a hammer and a saw on the side but why not put them in the game as minecraft tools?


    why can netherite be scared of cacti

  • Yasussybaka

    I have a question 1 prickly boi or Items

  • Boky

    Do you even work for Mojang after saying something like that?

  • Rancidblock561

    I would LOVE to see copper armor and tools that when you first craft them are stronger than iron but as time goes on, they become weaker and less resistent. Copper is useless at this moment and as an ore i think should be used for more things than just a Spyglass and 5 blocks

  • LegendProGaming

    You can add offhand in Minecraft bedrock in mobile is add a new control if you push it in your offhand pls add that fiture

  • Johnathan Gauthier
    Johnathan Gauthier

    ADD hunting rifles and you can craft bullets and all that but since they are anti gun probably not

  • Johnathan Gauthier
    Johnathan Gauthier

    Why do they all look like they are hippy vegans

  • El Zumbi
    El Zumbi

    people suggest copper armor or tools because right now this mineral doesn't really have many uses.

  • ItsKazuki


    • Harrish Romero
      Harrish Romero

      Sad fireworks and Cross bow noise


    I want copper armor it would look cool

  • David Chernous
    David Chernous

    Could add more weapons, like spears has more range, strengthening bows and crossbows with ores, and different variations of swords

  • StuffyGame

    will you update the pvp on bedrock?

  • XDgamingz

    ruined my day.

  • Aiden Leon
    Aiden Leon

    Yes mojang I would like copper armor and tools it would b eso much more than a block!! Me and my brother don't really use copper a lot so I would a appreciate a lot if copper tools would be added

  • En

    'What would you want to hold in your offhand, a flower?' *2.2K people slamming dislike*

  • Gustavo Medeiros
    Gustavo Medeiros

    estou totalmente preso nisso Você sabe como o cobre depois de um tempo fica aquele tipo de verde Pátina para quando precisa ser polida? Corante verde! Corante verde!

  • Loti Siraj
    Loti Siraj

    Why don't you add copper armour and tools