Ask Mojang #18: More Mobs!
Matthew, Anna, and Thommy answer your questions about the glorious dirt block. Just kidding, they’re here to talk about mobs! Have you ever wondered why the enderdragon stays on the spawn island? Or how we come up with new mobs? And which mob would be our mascot if the creeper didn’t exist? Find out in this mob-velous episode of Ask Mojang! Do you have any questions for us? Tweet us or leave us a comment with

  • Thùy Trang Đoàn
    Thùy Trang Đoàn

    him: there is a bastion remand for piglins *Sad wooland mansion noises*


    تحسين ماين كرافت للجوال 😼👍🏻🧨 🇧🇷😎👍🏻

  • Explore with  NSR 🌟🌟
    Explore with NSR 🌟🌟

    Please can you add more birds in minecraft?

  • Eli 7528
    Eli 7528

    Question: If the Ender dragon has a egg where is the other dragon?

  • LeeJoy

    Would you make dynamic lights, like when your holding it in your hands, or make the off-hand not only hold shield, arrow, map, and totem of undying? (Question from an mcpe player)

  • Legend Mendonca
    Legend Mendonca

    My enderman creeper and enderdragon villager for experaments

  • Şyd Yiğit
    Şyd Yiğit

    When will Warden come to the game?

  • Astrid

    Question: Will you add 1.16, 1.17, and 1.18 to Minecraft education edition for all the students who can’t buy Minecraft to play?

  • DaFloppa

    please add floppa then i buy me 1 more account

  • Emmanuel Vanlalhlimpuia
    Emmanuel Vanlalhlimpuia

    Moganj wold you add dogs to Minecraft

  • Apocalypse Diaries
    Apocalypse Diaries

    question: why does my previous profile on my minecraft account have to be deleted?

  • SheepishLace720

    Will you add hardcore mode to the bedrock version?

  • Hubert P.
    Hubert P.

    I need more mobs, 5 per new uptade pls

  • Aminath Lubna
    Aminath Lubna

    Question: when will bedrock have sweeping attacks and sweeping Edge (1-3) . Also don't add java cool down.

  • Happy doggies TV
    Happy doggies TV

    Hi Mojang!!! Can you please add frogs, squirrels, goblins and owls? It will make Minecraft the best game!

  • Zizzle The PC and PS6
    Zizzle The PC and PS6


  • wyn0t

    Chickens are the most powerful mob in minecraft, but they only use 0.1% of their power

  • AutoVozo

    Question : Will you make the redstone in Bedrock edition more like redstone in java? Also will you add building on the nether roof in Bedrock?

  • •Dorito_Staring_at_you•

    Question: is there a new wolf that we need

  • Ender Stormy
    Ender Stormy

    Does mojang read old comments?

  • Sangeeta Vats
    Sangeeta Vats

    Can ender dragon eyes glow

  • horsey and friends j
    horsey and friends j

    I love moshrooms

  • John Andrei Adrigado
    John Andrei Adrigado

    Can you please add monkey in minecraft for the bext update

  • Johann Gamer
    Johann Gamer

    Ask mojang:why mojang dont make dual welding on bedrock edition

  • Aubrey Lim
    Aubrey Lim

    My favorite is the glow squid

  • vviviann33

    can u guys pls make it to where we can place fences on paths? it would make me so happy

  • •Itz_meAlice•

    Can u guys show me how did u guys do the voice to the mob?

  • MelonHead

    Why did notch quit minecraft?

  • Jamison Gunsaulies
    Jamison Gunsaulies

    Question: Why does java edition get so many basic features that bedrock doesn’t. Example, being able to hold different thing in your off hand. I get some features might be more exclusive for java for when it comes to spawn rates of different structures and coding and mods because that requires a more beefier device then say an Xbox or IPhone but when it comes to the small cool features in Minecraft I feel like I shouldn’t have to choose between two different versions just to be able to put anything in my off hand or use the door underwater trick or enchanting shields. There are many other key features I don’t get as a bedrock player that I feel like wouldn’t be as difficult to add to bedrock version. I feel like java players feel similar when it comes to bedrock as well, certain glitches, the difference between a bedrock wither and a java wither, how much damage a axe does in java compared to a axe in java. Some things make sense to be in java and not bedrock when it come to coding, modified versions and spawn rates but I’m talking the small things, to me the small things can sometimes matter as much as the big things do.

  • GentleYT

    Ask Mojang: Are veteran Capes ever going to be added? my account [Bliked is old]

  • Lewis Cockburn
    Lewis Cockburn

    queistion: what type of stuff will be in the loot chest near the warden maybe like netherite diamonds iron gold and emeralds maybe a special item

  • mintly fluuf boi
    mintly fluuf boi

    If it wasnt the creeper its rhe ender man

  • Neko_Japan13

    @minecraft you could add more mobs and stop the polls because that would add more mobs, and also add a fatter model for the cats and maybe improve the shaders to make it more realistic just q without lag?, and physics on dropped blocks. other types of liquids.

  • DireRaven

    Please add an seed at that place there's a small city full of zombies

  • Aggelos Chatzolas
    Aggelos Chatzolas

    Question:Do you think to change the game to play free multiplayer without PS Plus?

  • W N
    W N

    Will we have mobs like the moobloom come back for a another chance in the game

  • Evan Syiem
    Evan Syiem

    Question:will harp seal come to the game

  • Abdi Makarim Abdillah
    Abdi Makarim Abdillah

    Question: why minecraft didnt support 3Finger system?

  • Szop Pracz
    Szop Pracz

    how you react to army of wolf?

  • Nombre Apellido
    Nombre Apellido

    Minecraft the movie when?

  • pcgamingyt

    why minecraft don,t have end biome in it

  • Ahmad Hamdan
    Ahmad Hamdan

    making coloured light

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer

    When are you gonna fix the unable to connect to world glitch on bedrock multi-player.

  • Cat Polar The Far
    Cat Polar The Far

    Question: can add the illusioner?


    Question: who is herobrine

  • Normal


  • Aneta Strečanská
    Aneta Strečanská

    Can we have in minecraft som End bioms?

  • Vader the gamer
    Vader the gamer

    Why can’t bedrock not have spectator mode or hardcore mode

  • Ron

    Question:when Desert update will come

  • creepyLeppy2

    Why you don't add to tame fox

    • Harrish Romero
      Harrish Romero

      You can

  • Ismail Teddy
    Ismail Teddy

    Question:will player get elytra before defeating ender dragon

  • Jason Pankhurst
    Jason Pankhurst

    Question:Have you ever heard about pojavlauncher the Minecraft launcher that launches Java edition on android?

  • ☆Ghøstßür☆

    Question: I know you guy's well never add tamed goat's but they are cute just saying!

  • King Of Flowers
    King Of Flowers

    I hate the creeper to be honest.. they keep blowing up my builds ;-;

  • Palabrarabe rep
    Palabrarabe rep

    Can we get a jeb_ creeper?

  • dino playz
    dino playz

    Question:why where pigs in a creepers shape?

  • คนงาม มากๆ
    คนงาม มากๆ

    Q.Can you explain about 1.18 updates?

  • Neon


  • jorge Ramirez
    jorge Ramirez

    Question why can't bedrock put banners on shields

  • Avni Bisht
    Avni Bisht

    Dear Minecraft creators different types of snakes, giraffe, elephant, and other animals to be added in minecraft.

  • Spring Bonnie
    Spring Bonnie

    Question: why minecraft bedrock has debug stick

  • Christopher Dibbs
    Christopher Dibbs

    Funny how this specific video was released in June...

  • Sharky Pro
    Sharky Pro

    Can you please add Sharks

  • Wolfeee

    Question: What Happened To The Died Mobs?

  • Nicholas Ancell
    Nicholas Ancell

    Question: why did some axolotls got removed?

  • Ilyas

    Hi when I going to be in game?

  • Juan felipe Pineda
    Juan felipe Pineda

    Ante mojang añandim ant redstone golem

  • N8 Programs
    N8 Programs

    Question: Why don't zombies attack illagers?

  • BlazeMaster

    The community can add in 1.18 or 1.19 to see on what day you made an advancement or is a bad idea?(For Java Edition)

  • João Miguel Ribeiro Alves
    João Miguel Ribeiro Alves

    Tifuurugugudrudygjwuifejfugkfkfkcjdjfacdufuudifgruduriririfu yshxjckditutueuifivhureir9vjvhdj5 de mim fjvh3jc7

  • Ahmad Zag
    Ahmad Zag

    can there be more colors for a chicken, and can there be a mud pit and a pig roles on it, that will be soooooo cute!

  • Mr. Wolve
    Mr. Wolve

    Add sky demantion

  • Дуэйн Гора Джонсон⁸
    Дуэйн Гора Джонсон⁸

    Фу таким быть

  • nightmare

    Mojang add a hardcore mode on Minecraft bedrock edition please

    • kzbtw27

      Java will be out on console soon

  • Levine Arugay
    Levine Arugay

    Why is shulker boxes considered an entity if it can be placed like a full block?

  • Iman Santoso
    Iman Santoso

    Arthifact update!!!!!!!

  • Jeffy's World
    Jeffy's World

    I like Enderman so I can beat the game

  • SB & Running Shadow
    SB & Running Shadow

    can we tame a fox in the next update and will there be enderite:like netherite but way stronger

  • CubickLecub


  • lex

    if you code add a minecraft dungeons mob in to minecraft would it be?

  • FajriAlanD

    I want all animal mobs, like in zoo mojang, please

  • Jenna Lyons
    Jenna Lyons

    Question: Why did you not add more weapons in caves and cliffs like a dripstone spear?

    • JLC

      we fine with sword and bows i guess also there was already 2 more weapons in 1.13 and 1.14

  • Kellin Rogers
    Kellin Rogers

    Make mob called ender titan

  • Alex  it s Gur
    Alex it s Gur

    A make report Charles

  • New and old sets NAOS
    New and old sets NAOS

    Question: Do you want to add a waterfalls to the game?

  • Phrogy69

    Or put in like random generated castles

  • Bob_TheFighter - Music - Minecraft
    Bob_TheFighter - Music - Minecraft

    Question: Why there's no vertical slaps... oh, slabs?


    Question: Why can you not open the egg like you it’s a eggggs and egggs open so you can like have your own dragon pet can you add that

  • Void Star Gaming
    Void Star Gaming

    Question: can you add java edition for console and mobile?, and will you and more dimensions?

  • Aimee Curtis
    Aimee Curtis

    Question: hey mojang can you pls add Java Edition to console and mobile it would be more accessible and you would make more profit

  • Skull Gaming
    Skull Gaming

    Question: Are you planning to add java to console and mobile?

    • Void Star Gaming
      Void Star Gaming

      Can you please do it mojang

  • ToastyVR

    Question: Will you ever release Minecraft VR for the Oculus Quest 2

  • Douglas Ray
    Douglas Ray

    Question: Can you add Bears?

  • Oof Gamez
    Oof Gamez

    Question: How do you feel about Minecraft fan games

  • EmCat

    I don't know why but I just love this video so much lol

  • Jenn. Shropshire
    Jenn. Shropshire

    Question. Is there supposed to be some kind of hidden lore in the game like game theory shows? If so can you give us a hint?

  • Firaz Abbad
    Firaz Abbad


  • yuyu bobe
    yuyu bobe

    Question: when do u plan in raffling the mobs that lost the votes ?

  • ;l

    Lol yay

  • ThereLmves2.0

    U should add one of the mobs tht hvent been chosen before bc a ton of ppl would like tht.. Another vote but between mobs tht havent been chosen before. Like the blaze with shields or the krakoen swuid or the from the iceoleger ect