Ask Mojang #17: Minecraft Dungeons
Laura, David, and Kristian answer all of your burning questions about Minecraft Dungeons! Learn about upcoming levels and content, the process that goes into adding new levels, what inspired the Arch-Illager and how to submit your own ideas! If you have more questions for us, tweet us or leave a comment using

  • Alex Venter
    Alex Venter


  • Alex Venter
    Alex Venter


  • Michael Croft
    Michael Croft

    Pls add the Minecraft dungeons on mobile

  • Jackie Conrad
    Jackie Conrad

    will the arch illager come to minecraft regular? if so awsome!

  • plcd

    is bedrock breakable?

  • Shin Colen Balingata
    Shin Colen Balingata

    Minecraft your the best with an minecraft creating! ( we all love you minecraft so i am mineprocraft and i create all my videos not my face reveal i wanted to super happy with you! )

  • Damopy99

    i like minecraft dungeoons 100 %

  • Ban9770

    I hate Redstone Monster i died by him when he was like 1 life and i was at my last life

  • Silver Paucar
    Silver Paucar

    i want a pvp mode

  • Trinker

    Do you always show teasers for updates in the minecraft Dungeons DLC's, like the caves & cliffs update came out after the howling peaks DLC had been out for a long time

  • Dino ahhhhhhhh
    Dino ahhhhhhhh

    Can you add an over heated bad lands so you're looking for gold to trade with piglins and a bird that swoops down and steals your gold go to look for it and you find villagers that you saved. The villagers could be a library villager that will trade you for books 📚 you like.

  • Dino ahhhhhhhh
    Dino ahhhhhhhh

    Minecraft, when I got to the end update why couldn't I get eyes of the Ender

  • KroniclesIsNoobed➪⌨︎

    Mojang add cheese!

  • ThatYoutuber

    I'm getting that! where will i put it? i have no idea

  • Big JO
    Big JO

    "moleculardrugs" 1 minute later *These are wonderful names!*

  • Brennan Dykstra
    Brennan Dykstra

    All fun and games when mojang brings back arcade machines due to their dungeons machine

  • Shawn Yelo
    Shawn Yelo

    I see your trailer. Is have ocean update in Minecraft dungeons

  • Tiky the Tiky the tiky the tiky the tiky the...
    Tiky the Tiky the tiky the tiky the tiky the...

    N E T H E R I T E H O R S E A R M O R

  • xan-gaming

    at a arcade I went to the machine was there!

  • Elijah Villacarillo
    Elijah Villacarillo

    Nobody is talking about when will Minecraft dungeon reales on mobile.

  • Melissa Rittenberry
    Melissa Rittenberry

    Hey, I got something to say. So I know how you scratched the thought about a furnace in a minecart and I understand that, but I think you should add it back in including trying to push obsidian with a piston that wouldn’t move the obsidian because it is to heavy. I think you should include that in the next update. That’s what I have to say and goodbye! Have a great day!

  • Elijah Bradley
    Elijah Bradley

    You should add a creeper that’s explodes into slimes

  • Mohamed Chaabene
    Mohamed Chaabene

    Hi minecraft please add Herobrine

    • XDgamingz


  • be cool samar doo
    be cool samar doo

    add a new monster name is enderfox Monster power can change in every character and become hi strong and his new in Monster School and he found in Nether portal and end portal

  • lizb

    I've never been interested in Minecraft Dungeons but that creature at the start is so adorable it makes me want to try it!

    • Astral Specter
      Astral Specter

      It's a Baby Ghast

  • Mr. Creeper 8300
    Mr. Creeper 8300

    Is anyone basiclly not noticing the fact that this game is unpopular, and yet mojang still works on it? Please if you are a true minecraft player, agree for the life of me

  • Enrique Hernández
    Enrique Hernández

    ponlo ponlo

  • EnderKnight helps you
    EnderKnight helps you

    Can you add someone to help is to find fortress (like ender eye)

  • EnderKnight helps you
    EnderKnight helps you

    Why finding fotress is so difficult


    what i rlly wanna know is if minecraft windows 10 edition run on windows 11

  • ILikeScaryStuff

    I'm wondering about the end dimension dlc endermen are mini bosses so I think we're gonna have to fight multiple mini bosses at once Edit: also I wished the ravager was in the game it would totally be a better boss than the evoker in pumpkin pastures level

  • Lok Aryal
    Lok Aryal

    Minecraft 1.18 please add scorpion

  • Pantopoleio Navarinou
    Pantopoleio Navarinou

    can break blocks in Minecraft dungeons?

  • RZAstris

    I want a refund

  • Classicgram

    I have a question. Will Crossbows be able to have scopes? ((DONT INCLUDE THINGS MARKED WITH ( ) ( And if you are on board with this idea hear me out, It could be, crouching to aim it, and fire regularly when not crouching. )

  • Heath Poulsen
    Heath Poulsen

    Question: why did the blacksmith tell me to complete quest on a higher level that I’m at? And I lost my claymore😭


    i would like were the walking sound in change because i walk on any blocks its all on stone walking sound

  • Elements of Awesomeness
    Elements of Awesomeness

    hey i have a question. what is just one thing for the 1.18 update? im asking cuz im already so exited

  • Dane G. O.
    Dane G. O.

    About that question about Halland, I'm pretty sure they're talking about the relation of it and the song Sweden in Minecraft, not the country

  • Littleboyblue 44
    Littleboyblue 44

    Mojang needs to add support for keyboard and mouse on iOS

  • Minh ha Pham
    Minh ha Pham

    Can you make MC Dungeons for Mobile

  • waffle Playz
    waffle Playz

    is the next update going to be the end update

  • Sudhir Panwar
    Sudhir Panwar

    @askmojang. I want to know that will bedrock players will be ever able to hold items accept map shield in their off hand ?

  • crow gamer
    crow gamer

    you guys should add the end dimenstion

  • midnight dragon_[:
    midnight dragon_[:

    My little brother wants a alein and a penguin in Minecraft and I want a pug a pamoranian and a dog house and more furniture

  • Denis Miron
    Denis Miron

    If you can pick any not used mob for minecraft updates, which would you chose..

  • Ernest Isenhower
    Ernest Isenhower

    Question: Will there be an end update?

  • yeeeyye1234

    Can you please explain to me what the cave sounds are and how they were made???

  • the average height of a caveman
    the average height of a caveman

    When we have shaders on consoles? Most graphically heavy games work on the launch versions of Xbox which was kind of weak

  • Summer Sausage
    Summer Sausage

    Maybe there’s a dlc when you go in a arcade machine

  • PancakeGod

    I think u should be able to hold certain pets such as wolves and cats and foxes

  • Someguyyknow

    Bro I saw herobrine a few days ago

  • Magdalena Paz Carreño Bertolini
    Magdalena Paz Carreño Bertolini

    I would like to suggest that for a next update you could add more mobs such as vampires, ducks, bulls, more breeds of dogs, hamsters, than the animals that cannot be reproduced that can be reproduced. more means of transport such as carts tied to a horse. more fruit trees such as apple for example (if I know that the oak if you are lucky throws an apple), lemon trees, orange, lettuce, blackberry bushes, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, palm tree, banana. that there are more types of light and beds. They could do a Christmas update where they have snow sleds, reindeer, a Christmas tree etc. I hope you take my suggestion into account, attentively a player.

  • Skylos1312

    It's diablo.

  • GamingPotato123

    Me not reading the title fully and thinking this is the original Minecraft not understanding anything: 👁👄👁

  • Valerii Pavlikov
    Valerii Pavlikov

    Кровососик :)

  • If there is gonna be a new update on minecraft dungeons can it be where there is a villiger that u can connect weapons together plz

  • GEorGeoYT9361


  • N.P. Gaming
    N.P. Gaming

    When will the redstone mechanics will be the same for bedrock as they are in java edition of Minecraft?

  • LotusMoonQueen

    @Minecrat- will we ever be able to place things on slabs?

  • A D E
    A D E

    will minecraft dungeon come out on ios

  • Lukas Hillinger
    Lukas Hillinger

    In the Java Edition you can put banners on signs. You can't do that on the Bedrock Edition. Will you do that with the 1.19 update?

  • Courrupt.Thunder

    will you update the old dungeons? like the sand temple or strong hold.

  • Azei Rou
    Azei Rou

    Ask Mojang: Is Agnes single?

  • Кирилл Ковальков
    Кирилл Ковальков

    маенкрафт! Моя жизнь ❤️❤️❤️

  • ahmad eissa almarzooqi
    ahmad eissa almarzooqi

    can you make a new ore that there are tools and gears from it plese :+ )

  • DriftWood5795

    Ask mojang: Beans?

  • Ranboo's mask
    Ranboo's mask

    Question! How do I import a character for tablet?

  • Knugget876

    More free missions i git borded from the main story and jungle dlc

  • Brody Code
    Brody Code

    Will there be an end dlc

    • The Meme Bugs
      The Meme Bugs


  • Paul Daley
    Paul Daley

    can you add orcas please. I already asked but I am going to ask 1 more time.

  • XisaacX IX
    XisaacX IX

    It would be so cool if the wither storm from Minecraft story mode was a DLC

  • memeus godus
    memeus godus

    One q how did you get the panda death sound o_o

  • Seal 66
    Seal 66

    Mojang is minecraft in medival times like dragons,pillagers and raids,swords to fights to potions and spells/enchantments,villagers and villages

  • İbrahim Bedirhan Mehmet doğukan
    İbrahim Bedirhan Mehmet doğukan

    Hey mojang minecraft dungeons mobile play store games ok?

  • PikaGhost

    How about in the end randomly you see static then an inverted glimpse of the mobs and blocks as evil hostile creatures you have never seen before

  • Kobe Bryant
    Kobe Bryant

    I love the game minecraft dungeons so much, but can you do something about online multiplayer. When I try playing online on the same ps4 with my friends, it doesn't work. Only one of us can go on when we are online. Please do something about this, and if anyone knows any way around this, please tell me. Thank you.

  • Knightify

    will you add the java combat to bedrock edition?

  • PikachuDimension

    With the new ore textures, will rubies be added to the game?


    Please add a feature to craft tools, armor, etc with emeralds.

    • ne

      How old are you?

  • Calub


  •  C C Videogames
    C C Videogames

    Musket please

  • JoOsH


  • Sheriff • 21 years ago
    Sheriff • 21 years ago

    I'm excited for the dungeons arcade

  • TinTin

    You could make the hammer in Minecraft dungeons be throwable after every 5th hit

  • Mateja Micic
    Mateja Micic

    Ask mojang:i recently played minecraft pe and i stumbled upon an item with no name it looked like a shard of netherite ingot but when i hold it in hand it looks like a squid spawn egg and a lily pad on top of it can you tell what is the item for or is it for some texture test or a bug but i do think that bug counts in a category too cool to remove and its interesting how each time the texture of the item changes its like an item that you guys are secretly updating

  • Эльммра Пирмагомедова
    Эльммра Пирмагомедова


    • Эльммра Пирмагомедова
      Эльммра Пирмагомедова


  • Steve Hinkle
    Steve Hinkle

    What do evokers use for their magic?

  • Prashant Kumar
    Prashant Kumar

    Please design some of the Villagers look like female

  • fahim moneyem
    fahim moneyem

    add a third person button in scren for android,

  • Amtova

    I want piglin villages in the nether

  • Tx Phantom
    Tx Phantom

    I really want to ask them if they could add cannibals you know the human that eats human

  • IronPikachu724

    I want a new free story on minecraft dungeons

  • Edder Bosmediano
    Edder Bosmediano

    i´m waiting to wolfs armor :c

  • Nick No
    Nick No

    Mojang PLZ add Dances

  • Maycon Lgames
    Maycon Lgames

    when will launch minecraft dungeons for mobile?

  • Boy friend
    Boy friend

    Can you make Minecraft pocket editon have the 1.17 update?

  • AforAce

    When will minecraft be free. I have no money to get minecraft :(

  • Not Ryan
    Not Ryan

    No one asked why the minecarts do so much damage in the redstone mines?

  • Таиса

    It's true that Notch created Minecraft.