Ending Minecraft: How We Make Minecraft Episode 9
How do you end the greatest game of all time? You’d have to ask them. But before you do that, find out how we end our plucky little crafting game! Discover how Minecraft’s difficulty curve works, why the Ender Dragon is so tough, and what’s next for our Narrator now he’s got no more ‘wisdom’ to impart...

  • Landon Scott
    Landon Scott

    This is actually a really solid tutorial on game design. Even taught totally a pro developer like me a couple of things.

  • RaZor

    Well minecraft is the only game that doesn’t bore me even after playing for a long time

  • Cristiano 7
    Cristiano 7

    4:26 he is talking about the stone axe update!

  • AlfredEn Here
    AlfredEn Here


  • Liam cooper's Caramel cat MSM
    Liam cooper's Caramel cat MSM

    Minecraft: we use a difficulty curve Me when I spawn into a Minecraft world:has a group of drowned attack me and knocks me into a cave that took me a long time to escape Me: I think there's a bit of a difficulty slap in the face guys

  • Alex T
    Alex T

    Um, I’m not uninstalling Minecraft. Never Uninstall. Cause you also might want to remake other games in Minecraft.

  • Sawyer Toon
    Sawyer Toon

    johnathan? AHHHHH

  • hala ayman
    hala ayman

    It's quite funny that litreally in the beginning , mobbo asks the narrtor to marry him


    Marry Mobbo?

  • Enderpro

    "a step by step Guide to ripping us off" 🤣

  • oi7m

    It's deep:.... MONEY

  • Emmet Meigel
    Emmet Meigel

    Have you watched RTGame's watching paint dry video? Yes, it's real.

  • Johnaleen bernardo
    Johnaleen bernardo

    Nooo why is it ending? We love this its so funny

  • MilkySpring

    narrators face 😳

  • Juju Binx
    Juju Binx


  • Juju Binx
    Juju Binx

    6:57 goodbye mobbo

  • Dragonlord798


  • alooy. eg
    alooy. eg

    have you killed the ender dragon

  • Apple Pencil
    Apple Pencil

    This is where minecraft movie started


    How We MKe Minecarft Is The Worst Show


    How We Make Sussycraft

  • Guy Sandler
    Guy Sandler

    give me mobbo's module and I will mod him into the game

  • YummyUranium

    4:26 Nice self roast

  • Marco MBE
    Marco MBE


  • Candy Candy
    Candy Candy

    Okay but- the wedding at the end seemed very cute at first lol-

  • Pastel !!!
    Pastel !!!

    *GASP* JONATHAN?!?!!?

  • Heloisa Cerqueira
    Heloisa Cerqueira

    0:16 Mobbo:do you want marry me? Narrator:oh goodness!

  • Devin Games
    Devin Games

    5:39 this youtuber uses this music for his donations so i recognized it immediately

  • Skyrotechnics

    Minecraft: mine obsidian speedrunner with lava bucket: lol

  • Pigglepix

    YES!!!! SOMEONE FROM MINECRAFT CALLED THE ENDER DRAGON A FEMALE!!!!! (when he called her the "acid-spitting queen")

  • Anna Nowak
    Anna Nowak


  • Yasuo

    So steve was speedrunning Cool

  • Minecraft With CamCameo
    Minecraft With CamCameo


  • DxW 420
    DxW 420

    Also what's with the bloodstains in the sand 0.o

  • DxW 420
    DxW 420

    " Kids love synergy! " And then just today they release a preview trailer for the echoing void dlc in mc Dungeons. To me that's a sneak peak and hint towards the next major update, If I remember correctly the words were, " the void is sort of creeping into the overworld " makes me wonder if the deep dark will be a stronghold that's been redesigned !!! Can't wait to tsee

  • EzioAuditore117

    Please work on the xbox one edition..

  • Tristan

    I want the next episode ::::::(

  • Someguyyknow

    4:12 Thee first sound Alex made

  • Splawf

    4:22 That part made me laugh hard lol.

  • nadiadlc


  • Ehab Uossef
    Ehab Uossef

    Minecraft litterally tells us close the game uninstalled it and go play another game or touch some grass Best sponsors of there game

  • Missing.In.Action

    0:26 i was wondering why that sound sounded so familiar, it's from temple run

  • Timo

    Haha, Jonathan. You are gonna marry the narrator

  • 1 kilo Silver
    1 kilo Silver

    Imagine if mobbo was in love with alex.


    - was this a literal series..

  • Davi Barreto
    Davi Barreto

    Season 2

  • Edward B.
    Edward B.

    What a plot twist hahaha

  • RedStoneMatt

    they actually probably needed to mod their own game to got the narrator's beard and hair into minecraft to record their small clips

    • Alex Grey
      Alex Grey

      They filmed it on bedrock at the end it says at the bottom that all the narrator's parts are available in the character creator

  • sbot50

    I'm sad it's the last episode

  • Knight

    1:53 damm, they just calling dream out like that

  • the silver dragon
    the silver dragon

    It was a pleasure to have you narator

  • Fadel Alfarisi
    Fadel Alfarisi

    i cant play another mobile games, minecraft is the only game i have

  • Vaibhav Raut
    Vaibhav Raut

    7:17 did anyone else notice the crafting table?

  • CheeseBear


  • Identity

    The wedding scene was adorable!! Well until Jonathan showed up, he doesn’t deserve the Narrator!!

  • BeatsByDROCK

    thanks for ruining a game with ur lgbt logo. u guys are simps.

  • cpeezy

    (Breath in) *Make another funny series moya- I mean mojang*

  • Samuhgames

    7:13 Jonathan!!???

  • Softy Vanilla 🍦
    Softy Vanilla 🍦

    Who are else is just watching these because it’s entertaining?

  • Mohamed Chaabene
    Mohamed Chaabene

    Hi minecraft please add Herobrine

  • The E2rnal17
    The E2rnal17

    That ending was such a plot twist

  • tilly

    Is nobody going to talk about Johnathan ???!!! THATS THE BIGGEST TWIST I HAVE EVER SEEN

  • Citama Crafter
    Citama Crafter

    Simply dupe :v

  • Theotmt

    “Perfect combat system that noone complains about” Minecraft 1.9 flashbacks

  • Tra Sh
    Tra Sh

    you will be missed, narrator... o7

  • Nimlen

    I WANT MORE :(

  • Jan Goreckij
    Jan Goreckij

    What Mobbo is all time Jonathan!? (Who is Jonathan?)

  • Windows Lover
    Windows Lover

    as I like to say love always finds a way and also I'll never get bored of Minecraft I love my pet chicken. I accept you for who you are 😉

  • MPAS TV [Darkmode]
    MPAS TV [Darkmode]

    4:05 "It worked for that TV Show." "For a while." Just going to say.... SEASON 8

  • pizzababy 64 :3 pizza + baby = pizzababy
    pizzababy 64 :3 pizza + baby = pizzababy

    We want a tree and animal update

    • Harrish Romero
      Harrish Romero

      @Jurassic Forest tree had exist

    • Jurassic

      Forest update would be awesome

  • WojtekGame

    Mobbo needs to be added on minecraft

  • Fabio Spasiano
    Fabio Spasiano


  • Alexandr Dosoudil
    Alexandr Dosoudil

    Ending: What th-

  • baconaitor

    Killer rabbits

  • Mr.NuggetBombs

    Please change the creeper back its wierd looking

  • LynxHunter


  • The gamer Tap
    The gamer Tap

    6:24 what! is this a joke?

  • Love Love
    Love Love

    Everybody complained about the combat system since the new Combat came out

  • DruidPC

    Maybe in the future we can get an end overhaul update that adds biomes and stuff like the Nether update did, because now it just feels incomplete, I suppose.

  • lesser_ dog9000
    lesser_ dog9000

    and now we know jonothan was created by the narrator and that he was trying to get out of depression and imagiened him the whole time AND THATS JUST A THEORY A GAME THEORY

  • Supamaridoso

    The narrator doesn't have a home.

  • Peter

    What was this episode? What was this ending? What was this show? Why did I watched this? Why Jonathan was Mobbo? The Narrator will accept Jonathan? I have so many questions and I'm so confused but I would watch It all again

  • Teo Branzell
    Teo Branzell

    You should make a let's play series. That will never end... Even though you defeated the ender dragon on like the third episode... and defeated dozens of withers.... And built a MEGA base... And built an emerald tower to the sky limit...... And gotten every achievement in the game........... ...... But that doesn't matter, because you can now explore the new nether, and the new caves and cliffs update!!!! But you'll have to travel thousands... and thousands of blocks to render in the new terrain..... But that's ok, because that can be 4 episodes of your Let's Play Minecraft series!

  • The Game Challenger
    The Game Challenger

    Mentions earlier: to make an end, you shouldn't have it as a cliffhanger like some youtubers. *proceeds to make a cliffhanger about mobo*

  • Tariq Al bdour
    Tariq Al bdour

    The ender dragon is easy change my mind Even if you don’t use beds The wither is easy unless your on bedrock edition change my mind Mojang make a wither dragon that you have to fight in the nether near a lot of lava

  • Loki_ fan
    Loki_ fan

    I hope he forgives you so you can make more episodes :3

  • Gallini  🇧 🇷 🇦 🇼 🇱 🇪 🇷
    Gallini  🇧 🇷 🇦 🇼 🇱 🇪 🇷

    Markus Persson "Notch" make Minecraft

  • Grant The Medic
    Grant The Medic

    “There are thousands of games out there!” Terraria: Receives no updates Geometry Dash: Receives no updates Don’t Starve: Receives no updates in vanilla Angry birds: Receives no updates Halo: Receives no updates in the games before Microsoft bought it Flash games: Removed from every computer

  • Dr Flesh
    Dr Flesh

    Minecraft : we're only bullying u because we want attention Me : a creeper keeps killing my wolves

  • Markus Ruiz, The God Of All, Supreme Overlord,
    Markus Ruiz, The God Of All, Supreme Overlord,

    Wait. Was Jonathan the one that stole the narrator's soul!?

  • Senpai HD
    Senpai HD

    3:04 Subaru running away from the white rabbits

  • Apex Mechanilos
    Apex Mechanilos

    Game refund? Now that’s absolutely absurd and unimaginable

  • Icy Cake
    Icy Cake

    “We bully you because we want attention” seems like every troll

  • Chull1000

    The ender dragon is difficult Actual players: Sure, keep telling yourself that

  • RZAstris

    I want a refund

  • 9D_B05 Cruz, Yumi
    9D_B05 Cruz, Yumi

    Nicely done hero Thanks Narrator

  • Creeper_Me

    Episode 10 plz!

    • Harrish Romero
      Harrish Romero

      But this is the end

  • Miha Leben
    Miha Leben

    Jens pls forgive him

  • R0gu3

    13:13 reminded me of the beginning in skyrim lol

  • blackt!p

    Jonathan reminds me so much of Aiden from Minecraft story mode :O