Minecraft Dreamworks How to Train Your Dragon DLC : Official Trailer
Get ready to welcome the brave Vikings and beloved dragons from the Island of Berk because they’re all coming to Minecraft! Fly with the dragons, explore the islands, and set off on epic adventures together with Hiccup, Astrid, and the rest of the dragon riders. The DLC is available now in Minecraft Marketplace!

AUDIO DESCRIPTION version is here: isdowns.info/lift/qGnbgpqAeKKoo90/v-deo

  • Chua Takumi
    Chua Takumi

    Pls add more dragon into it

  • Daniel Alves
    Daniel Alves

    It would be better if it were free.

  • E Toulouse
    E Toulouse

    Ou trouver ce jeu pour la switch ?

  • ignore my existence.
    ignore my existence.

    Im dying to know if the Offspring of Toothless and the Light fury- The nightlights, But as adults, Will ever be released to The Minecraft Version of Httyd? Im begging you. I've looked all over google, I want a chance to experience a flight on the Beautiful Offspring of the Family Of Furies. I think it's a genuinely great idea, For the Nightlights to be Fully grown so players Can ride them, And maybe even create some memories. I hope the creators of the Minecraft Httyd pack expansion see this, It would be the Dream for me. Thank you!

  • Alphames23✅

    In marketplace

  • Yolanda Duvenary
    Yolanda Duvenary

    Can you add a speed stinger

  • Colton Coombs
    Colton Coombs

    Too bad it not a texture back you can use in survival. But I still love this

  • 2wo

    Can I play this on Java edition?

  • nadith priyan
    nadith priyan

    but how do you get templates? I am desparet

  • Titus Money
    Titus Money

    Hey why not update this dlc to have a wild night fury that you can tame and name and ride that is not toothless when you complete the missions and have the wild night fury's be found where toothless and hiccup became friends and the wild yet to be tamed night fury's Will be the same design as toothless but the night fury's won't have toothless prosthetic tail wing cause they Will have there real tail wing instead of a prosthetic tail wing like toothless and the night fury's saddles when tamed will look like toothless saddle from DreamWorks dragons race to the edge tv show on Netflix but with out all that mechanical stuff that goes to the prosthetic tail wing then why not add a new feature that allows you to customize and make your own dragon saddle.

  • Rainbowking DC2 animation
    Rainbowking DC2 animation

    Minecoins sounds dumb

  • KittenSprite


  • KittenSprite


  • ArZee

    I would literally but this The thing is I don't have money [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ιοο̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]

  • 《DIEGO CRAFT 77》
    《DIEGO CRAFT 77》

    Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii como es eso posible minecraft nunca muere

  • No CS:S
    No CS:S


  • Korglk_кот


  • Lazaro Antonio
    Lazaro Antonio

    Eu queria que aquele mods fosse de graça como o Ben 10 e treinar seu dragão

  • pheGame

    it is very wonderful. Thanks

  • FD gamers pro
    FD gamers pro

    Link discription link description


    Que salga un TLC ahora en un mundo survival estaría más épico Y no en un mundo plano

    • tol0l

      Espanyola donta understanta

  • Hoan Hoangthi
    Hoan Hoangthi

    Free map please

  • Dragonwatcher 99
    Dragonwatcher 99

    When I bought Minecraft a couple of years back I didn't realize one meant no marketplace (at the time I didn't need marketplace so I chose the one with no extra coins) and now I realized that I needed the windows 10 version not Java (and my parents said for me to sell my java edition but I have lots of worlds on it and I don't want them to disappear) so I might end up with 2 minecrafts lol (Minecraft can you please make a marketplace for Java edition)

  • Thiện Nguyễn
    Thiện Nguyễn

    Chơi sao

  • Farman Mehri
    Farman Mehri

    Anyone ever watch “little lizard adventures” he used to do a modded “ how to train your dragon series” back then it was the best thing to exist for me personally :)

    • k noob
      k noob

      My favorite dragon was ivy

  • TenorMan Dude
    TenorMan Dude

    Dream needs to speedrun but defeat a bewilderbeast or smthn instead

  • Khenzie nataniel
    Khenzie nataniel

    Ender dragon : oh mean i thought i was the best dragon

  • Logan Morales
    Logan Morales

    Can u add the thunder drum and skrill plss

  • Squidify

    Nobody: Me not able to get it: *installs literally every single httyd mod possible*

  • Ender Yeet
    Ender Yeet

    Is this multiplayer?

  • Constantine Pugliese
    Constantine Pugliese

    I love Minecraft I have to say and also I love that you have a ISdowns channel

  • Italo HD Games
    Italo HD Games

    Seria legal uma DLC da Marvel

  • Bo Thaw Gyi
    Bo Thaw Gyi

    Map link

  • Johan Levi Luces
    Johan Levi Luces

    Someone:*waves at astrid* Astrid:WOAH

  • Manuel Vizcarra
    Manuel Vizcarra

    Pls add more dragons

  • Emma

    I'm speechless

  • 이산TV

    와우~~~난 사버림


    I want it but not free

  • Dragon Quin
    Dragon Quin

    Hello! I have this map and have a recommendation, I would love to explore a free world without the other islands, so a normally generated world, where dragons spawn, I would love more dragons too because everything in the original minecraft world yall mad is amazing!! And if you want to instead of a normal generated world it could be cost on but has normal generation mixed with it and it could be like you spawn in a village and embark on your own journey and possible finding the hidden world, I would just love to FLY in a free world with no islands and ocean. Of course the way the minecraft how to train your dragon map worked is amazing but having a world where you can explore and survive on your own finding diffrent structures would be so cool! And new dragons coukd be like some from dragons race to the edge or dragons riders of berk and you could add hybrids too. Like the night lights ( toothless and lihpght fury baby's) if you can add that, that would be cool! Also amazing map and world and dragons from this marketplace item, worth the money!

  • Primos tambem Vloga
    Primos tambem Vloga

    Muito carro

  • Primos tambem Vloga
    Primos tambem Vloga

    Pega no meu quarto

  • Phoebe Chandler
    Phoebe Chandler

    I have played this it is so fun

  • spring bunny gaming
    spring bunny gaming

    Im totally getting this mod

  • Stanislav V
    Stanislav V

    Как жаль что сам мультфильм больше не покажут :((((

  • Kara_Studios

    Are they updating the pack right now for pocket edition? Because when I bought it and started playing nothing was there and everything was almost pitch black and there were these dirt blocks with the words update on them?

  • Andrew Pelletier
    Andrew Pelletier

    Can you get your own toothless? I thinking about by this add on and wanted to know if I could get my own or not

  • JS Brewer
    JS Brewer

    Can you get it on Java and bedrock?

  • Weido :p
    Weido :p


  • AfonLah YT
    AfonLah YT

    I hope they add marketplace to java

  • Carina Araújo
    Carina Araújo

    Ay dios mio

  • The Morning Ping
    The Morning Ping

    I wonder if they have a bewilderbeast

  • The sml movie
    The sml movie


  • Hennessy Performance
    Hennessy Performance

    /e free

  • Camdyn Piersoll
    Camdyn Piersoll

    CAN WE GET AN UPDATE WITH MORE DRAGONS! just finished it and am begging for more. IT WAS AMAZING! now I request speedstingers, razorwhips, deathsongs, and more quest! 😅 PLEASE IM OBSESSED!!! 😭

  • Bartosz

    I'm sad because I don't have minecoins

  • Molly G
    Molly G

    Is there creative?

  • Jadesbehindyou

    my dream has finally came true

  • charl Van rooyen
    charl Van rooyen

    Take may money

  • roadshot prime
    roadshot prime

    i downloaded the dlc and put on creative mode and i axidently spawned the credits how do i get rid of it?


    Hey what was template??

  • 亗Legend亗

    More dragons next time? I really want the Bewilderbeast in the game

  • Kailynn Hoyt
    Kailynn Hoyt

    I just got it yesterday, and I already got every dragon, got all the armor, and beat 50 ships. I have a problem.

    • Lightrocket

      @Moniaruck Saoud L

    • Moniaruck Saoud
      Moniaruck Saoud

      i can't play bc i don't have bitcoin

  • emanuell calede
    emanuell calede


  • Renamed Anglerfish who Lives in Dark Bramble
    Renamed Anglerfish who Lives in Dark Bramble

    The books were better


    It says cant load world evrytime

  • Mohamed Chaabene
    Mohamed Chaabene

    Hi minecraft please add Herobrine

  • Halos

    Dose the light furry respawn?

  • Rhibee


  • Elisa Puccini
    Elisa Puccini

    is possible to have toothless as dragon?

  • Juancarlos Yampufe
    Juancarlos Yampufe

    Nos puedes dejar el mapa y el mod porfa

  • Null Knight
    Null Knight

    Yes I’ve waited too long for this

  • ✎cAkE_ToP✘

    It’s a pity that I don’t have so much money. 🙁

  • tmpea

    Not just me remembering the little lizard and tiny turtle httyd mod roleplay

  • Jorge Cortez
    Jorge Cortez

    Minecraft madagascar

  • Dante Quinteros
    Dante Quinteros

    can they put it up for free?

  • Khalilullah Shaikh
    Khalilullah Shaikh

    We want a Kung Fu Panda one that will be awesome

  • Pohly Valdez
    Pohly Valdez

    How do you get coins to get the mod

  • Matthew Surrall
    Matthew Surrall

    Oh yeah

  • Random E
    Random E

    This free or...

  • TNT tavern
    TNT tavern

    Do we get dragons with the pack or????

  • skywalker Alban
    skywalker Alban

    I like toothless you know hicup dragon

  • Hang Kjach
    Hang Kjach

    What mobile

  • PlatyTrashGamers

    I wish they added this for freeeeee

  • Marie Sage
    Marie Sage

    I takes the light fury so where is the night fury?

    • Marie Sage
      Marie Sage


  • boyet driza
    boyet driza


  • Sam the the slime pup or wolfiewoofbark
    Sam the the slime pup or wolfiewoofbark

    this is amazing wish i had friends to play it with TwT

  • Maryna Korablova
    Maryna Korablova

    cool game cool map cool trailer cool

  • Captain Lightning PH
    Captain Lightning PH

    People who don't know httyd:what is this song? Httyd fans : I haven't heard this in years

  • khazini animation
    khazini animation

    how to download this mod?

  • rogerio lima
    rogerio lima


  • Addison Vasquez
    Addison Vasquez

    Yesssssss finally

  • Chance Barker
    Chance Barker

    This is Berk. It’s North of Hopeless and South of Freezing to Death, but we have one thing no one else does, Dragons.

  • Deff Karen
    Deff Karen

    Now i need rideable dragon in minecraft

  • Toothless Night fury
    Toothless Night fury

    Let’s gooo

  • Mr.Jurassic

    These dlcs are getting better and better

  • Sparky

    This looks so cool! But I’m wondering what a wof crossover will look like lol.

  • Zaf Y
    Zaf Y

    I have buy it but Whyy I can play ittt fuvk 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Sangeeta Murugan
    Sangeeta Murugan

    I want ed ed de de de hoeoe ho😅😭😭😭😭😭😥😭😢😭😥😥😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😥

  • Milo Shows
    Milo Shows

    I have waited so long for a Minecraft httyd

  • RZAstris

    I want a refund