Minecraft Dungeons: Soon on Steam!
Minecraft Dungeons is stepping onto new platforms on September 22 (we mean gaming platforms, not precariously balancing on 90s shoes) with its release on Steam! What’s more, if you buy the Ultimate Edition, you’ll unlock some very exciting and exclusive extras for free - like soundtracks and digital artwork! So what are you waiting for, add Minecraft Dungeons to your Steam Wishlist now?! store.steampowered.com/app/16...

  • Bernadeth Villa
    Bernadeth Villa

    I hope this game will open to phones that are free to play

  • RockyisGaming

    can we get a steam key if we already own it?

  • مستند سلاطین | Documentary Sultans
    مستند سلاطین | Documentary Sultans

    I wish it was free because I don't want to spend it.🥺

  • Devdutt Paddikkal fan
    Devdutt Paddikkal fan

    We all know the reality and the tralier

  • The Poglin
    The Poglin

    Cant wait to read the steam reviews!

  • Don_0806

    Minecraft not be forgetting about dungeons huh?

  • Oval 06
    Oval 06

    I wish release in android or ios

  • William O’Shall
    William O’Shall

    Does this mean Minecraft will release on steam as well?

  • sans noob XD
    sans noob XD

    El juego estará disponible para Latinoamérica?

  • clwn mq
    clwn mq

    now we need a normal minecraft in steam.

  • Bendy


  • Clara Calixtro
    Clara Calixtro

    Puedes agregarle algo a Minecraft cómo los lobos y lo más es con la mano se mueren piastla un eso me lo perro de un perro rabioso una oveja no lo bueno tengo

  • Lohana Gameplayer
    Lohana Gameplayer

    WOW 🤩🤩

  • Rita Gipserman
    Rita Gipserman

    It looks so cool! I also love the game i play it on Xbox

  • Los patas
    Los patas

    No te puedo instalar 😭😭😭

  • GalaxyRunaway

    Will we have to buy it again?


    i have the game on ps4

  • Rohan Shah
    Rohan Shah

    Please add for mobile

  • Im Sky
    Im Sky

    so you don't know what mc dungeons is? it's just a little game...bla bla bla wishlist now GMAERS


    So it willhave a cheaper and a better price? Nice


    What’s the difference of getting the game from their website vs being on steam?

    • Singularity

      no diff

  • Katoon Ismul
    Katoon Ismul


  • Uwong Cahyono
    Uwong Cahyono

    Waiting for android :)

  • Frunzee

    can you update ps3

  • tengo novia
    tengo novia

    Hola una preguta cuando me joraran a los animales de minecraft como los serdos las gallina las bacas yo digo mi apinion para los derdo que aigan gordos y flaquitos de muchos colores para los pollos que aigan gallos y gallinas de muchos colores y tambien patos y las vacas de muchos colores y que aigan toros de muchos colores asi mejoraria minecraf un like asi lobean los que asen los animales de minecraf

  • Тимофей Стародубцев
    Тимофей Стародубцев

    Thank you! And yes I'm Russian

  • maxel gato 96
    maxel gato 96

    Porque no lo sacan para mobiles seria mu cool para jugadores de mobliles no??

  • LEONARDO/ليوناردو

    when it'll be on mobiles 🙂

  • Yahia Da3dour
    Yahia Da3dour

    It will be free?

  • bluecheesemaster

    I bought the hero edition qnd it said that i will get all dlc's and i got 2 out of all of them Help

  • gangster! zack
    gangster! zack

    On minecraft dungeons

  • gangster! zack
    gangster! zack

    Imagine adding the ender dragon or herobrine would be sick right?

  • SATYA SARADA chintalapudi
    SATYA SARADA chintalapudi

    Release minecraft in mobile

  • kdakasykxiw

    Minecraft Dungeon Master

  • nineta

    I don't get it why you didn't put it on mobile

  • nineta

    Don't get it why you didn't put it on mobile

  • catrix

    anyone: dani and mojang have nothing in common except making games Mojang and dani:wishlist my game now gamers!

    • KarbonCow

      Oh u dont know what karlson is, well its only this game im whfidhhhHHDHEIFNRHDJFH EH EIVBDHEJ.

  • ᵐⁱᵗˢᵘᵇᵃ

    What program you use for your animations

  • Mehmet Özdemir
    Mehmet Özdemir

    why don't you have mobile

  • Al Adam
    Al Adam

    Has anyone searched Minecraft on Steam just to make sure if it was? Just me?

  • Luke Harris
    Luke Harris

    Can you please add a proper boss to one of the levels in Nether dlc! Blaze king? Its the only dlc that is lacking otherwise perfect

  • TNT1243 gaming
    TNT1243 gaming

    They get less money for it, so why

  • club_FoxXxSio

    Наканец то не придётся вводить по 20 раз пороли!

  • Mr SpyD
    Mr SpyD

    I would be excited if it was Minecraft: Java Edition on Steam but Minecraft: Dungeons get it first, so sad

  • Maal Mool
    Maal Mool

    Is this game avilable on mobile??

  • CATguy548

    pls bring also normal minecraft to steam

  • aryamehr khayami
    aryamehr khayami

    When you like the video and you like Minecraft dungeons but you don’t own Minecraft dungeons: 🥲

  • Piglinn

    Yo mogang, make a DLC that is like the mainland, but it is back in time and the story is about how the orb of dominance was made.

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia

    open new armors in the game that are better than iron but worse than la nederite

  • ExplodingCreeper

    Alright now let's wait for Minecraft to come out on steam the normal Minecraft

  • The Boyfriend
    The Boyfriend

    *Updated Localization Files*

  • Terros XS
    Terros XS

    Thanks mojang now I can buy minecraft dungeon!

  • DiamondGrounds

    A Minecraft game... On Steam?!?! This can't be right, IT CAN'T BE!!!!!!!!

  • Polska Zapałka
    Polska Zapałka

    Minecraft dungeons: coming to steam ! Entire pirating community: Yes Yes, come to papa

    • Mr. Pekr
      Mr. Pekr

      Hey, im your friendly neighborhood pirate! MCD has been cracked long time ago. 😊

  • Maciej MC
    Maciej MC

    i happy for this to the mc dungeons coming to steam. to the september 22

  • SJRNoodles

    Put Minecraft Java on steam

  • El Guardián
    El Guardián

    Minecraft on steam: Mojan stonks 📈

  • BBman Crafter
    BBman Crafter

    I have 2 questions: - Will I keep my progress/items/ that I have on my Xbox PC account after connecting on Steam version? - If I buy a game on Steam/ Microsoft store, I probably won't have it automatically in the Minecraft launcher, will I?

  • WildShadow

    Nice. I'll buy Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition for Steam during sales.


    The question in the mind of every cheap setup player. Is it free ?

  • Renniel Recososa
    Renniel Recososa

    Its not steam itls stream

  • Ace Gaming
    Ace Gaming

    People are gonna figure out how to mod it

  • joker karman
    joker karman


  • Cyber

    how much is the ultimate edition?

  • Felipe Gabriel
    Felipe Gabriel

    DLC IDEIA:minecraft dungeons start of nightmare

  • Sarah Ibrahim
    Sarah Ibrahim

    When bedrock and pocket

  • Agent B
    Agent B

    Doe’s this mean it will also be released on MacOS? or not because it’s in the launcher already and it’s not supported

  • isaias

    back to android please

  • ABC BabyandMom ขายผ้าออ้มและของใช้เด็ก
    ABC BabyandMom ขายผ้าออ้มและของใช้เด็ก

    Is the arch-illiger male or female?

  • Mr.B

    Played it for a bit when it first came out, fun game. Came back to it now with all the DLC and changes; wow it's even better with a ton of content. I'm hooked.

  • JoeLikesPotatoes

    Huh. Does this mean we can link steam with the minecraft launcher. Always felt werid that minecraft never touched steam.

  • Annsey Bigcas
    Annsey Bigcas

    Can u add minecraft dungeon on android

  • Teresa Navarro Saucedo
    Teresa Navarro Saucedo

    Yo no entiendo ingles pero lo veo y me suscribo

  • KirbNinjaBoy

    this is great and all, but will it still be crossplay?

  • Yokoro Chan
    Yokoro Chan


  • Gabriela Angela Powers
    Gabriela Angela Powers

    Can you make Minecraft Dungeons on mobile for free?

  • Kolopi

    sooo when are you expanding the main storyline levels

  • MilsonDev2 (old acc)
    MilsonDev2 (old acc)

    Will it release for free? :O

  • Bách Snack91
    Bách Snack91

    Where is our Minecraft on steam ?

  • Арктическая лиса
    Арктическая лиса

    10/10 game beat the overworld

  • xXAlexYT

    Add the green axolotl

  • Vicente Maldonado
    Vicente Maldonado

    I want It for my Nokia 🤤


    a like minecraft



  • Nati Shalom
    Nati Shalom

    N O E S C A P E F R O M M I N E C R A F T .

  • bendykraf101

    I have heard the idea of ​​builder villagers, it seems to me a very bad idea, I apollo them, but it occurred to me to create a new job called constructor for the villagers but they do not build if they do not exchange blocks such as wooden lidrillo of different designs, torch buttons and etc.

  • Bolita De Estambre
    Bolita De Estambre

    Minecraft dungeon on steam with Microsoft account.

  • TheStradfarian

    Amazingly fun gameplay, but really boring to watch, unfortunately. No clue why tbh, it just feels like that.

  • F Cd
    F Cd

    Please caming in mobile

  • Metrocop967

    2021: Minecraft dungeons on steam 2031: Minecraft bedrock and Java on steam

  • 🌌 Cosmic Godlight 🌌
    🌌 Cosmic Godlight 🌌

    *is there going to be actual minecraft for steam, just asking*

  • KingC Plays
    KingC Plays

    But how can I download it?

    • KingC Plays
      KingC Plays

      On my phone

    • Cheeselad2401

      What do you want to download it on?

  • MC AT
    MC AT

    You are my fav. Game love this and you

  • Deadpool VN
    Deadpool VN

    Please release the mobile version

  • Novisor YT #shorts
    Novisor YT #shorts

    Please make the game free please

  • xYoutuberofnetflix

    can’t wait till this on mobile

  • KC Garcia
    KC Garcia

    Minecraft Dungeons: Steam Edition Hopefully with 100% less crashes.

    • Mr.Preston 16
      Mr.Preston 16

      Hopefully *Nintendo Switch intensifies*

    • Miko Viko
      Miko Viko

      same hope

    • Corrupted SK
      Corrupted SK

      Same hope

  • Dalmiro Rodriguez villaorduña
    Dalmiro Rodriguez villaorduña

    Minecraft fue anunciado con un nuevo pero rsta versión arruina el juego

  • Fatih Hanif .W
    Fatih Hanif .W

    Yes finally *looks at wallet* Oh wait

  • nuvaboy

    yay! no messing with GloSC anymore!

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