Secrets of the Features That Got Cut
Can an indestructible computer and a very destructible British man get along long enough to tell you life-changing revelations about Minecraft? Probably not, but why not look up a few inches, press play, and find out? Discover why we fell out with single roses, the Phantoms overexplained origins, and why we’re never giving you a free house again. Enjoy!

The Narrator's lovely beekeeper outfit used with permission from and thanks to Niilorino:

The awesome painting "Skull on Fire" used with permission of and thanks to Kristoffer Zetterstrand:

  • Mundo2978 947
    Mundo2978 947

    I was waiting for an explanation on why did they remove the enchanted golden apple, next time...

    • Hoes mad
      Hoes mad

      It's still in the game, you just cant craft it.

  • lmn_godie

    what about the rabbit taming feature?

  • Aadarsh Svetlana
    Aadarsh Svetlana

    Did you delete herobrine I hope so cause he’s in my nightmare

  • Bombatolas Leadminded
    Bombatolas Leadminded

    Minecraft: we wont give u free stuff Bonus chest,buried treasure

  • Purple dino
    Purple dino

    I love that card

  • Erroras_

    Wai- wai- wai- wait... Did M.A.R.I.L.L.A just dropped da F bomb???

  • klutterkicker

    I just realized how much MARILLA sounds like Stressmonster101.

  • RhiaXD


  • Noobified

    *realistic* "Sees floating sand, dirt, travel between worlds, zombie, a golem" *"This is fine"*

  • MooseFM

    Ok this video is really cute

  • Данияр Инсапов
    Данияр Инсапов

    3:02 nani???

  • Coatshine

    No unnecessary items? Poisonous potato has entered the chat

  • A Crab
    A Crab

    “We don’t want any unnecessary items in minecraft” **nervous poisonous potato noises**

  • My Nguyen
    My Nguyen

    Even though your username is minecraft, doesn’t mean your mojang.

  • Kyle Wilson
    Kyle Wilson

    “Our first attempt as a pig” Um that was Notch till he sold Minecraft, NOT U MOJANG

  • Crabtic

    3:20 "we dont want unnecessary items in minecraft" rotten flesh: allow me to introduce myself

    • hombreman pg3d
      hombreman pg3d

      Rotten flesh has saved me lots of Times, and you can feed it to the dogs, definetly not useless

  • thepap 000
    thepap 000

    I wish these were slightly more mature you have a very wide audience

  • Sheepince


  • Sheepince

    Nah you can't fool me Mind Warehouse

  • cephyte

    MARILLA: (curses) The subtitle: thank you

  • Bob Boland
    Bob Boland

    hi hi

  • C H
    C H

    "it feels too modded" adds warden

  • peterindia25


  • Greg AlwaysBored
    Greg AlwaysBored


  • Praecantetia

    I love marilla's game cartidge refrence

  • Marco Savarese
    Marco Savarese

    I want the destructible british man as a tameable mob in the new Minecraft Narrator update

  • Grass Kusa
    Grass Kusa

    love this series letsgooooooo 😳

  • mr. Miko
    mr. Miko

    Yaay, dr. Glenn Pierce!

  • AngryBurntToast

    This whole video is horribly unfunny, addresses multiple issues with the current development. It's an insult to the master piece that used to be minecraft.

  • Cineholic Fella
    Cineholic Fella

    4:19 that did not come out as intended

  • vala p
    vala p

    6:59 This Is Funny.

  • Anbun

    It was an alright video. Although it felt more like 15% cut features and 85% two narrators insulting each other..

  • bostin

    Add the sea monster

  • Germaniko

    What a cringy try at comedy. You should've kept this video informational

  • Conakry

    CUT CUT !!!!!

  • Odisher 7
    Odisher 7

    She's back! :D

  • Aqil Alfatih
    Aqil Alfatih


  • Niko2012

    That woman does my head in.

  • Dora_the_explorer

    Why did you guys delete minecraft story mode😢 on android

  • GoodBee

    "we don't want unnecessary items" Poisonous potatoes: allow us to introduce ourselves

  • Joshua Mason
    Joshua Mason

    who are the narrators

  • Mumberry19

    Marilla > Narrator I'm just right

  • Mario seen some funny
    Mario seen some funny

    In the minecraft world, why are they vast?

  • Aiden Le
    Aiden Le


  • Aiden Le
    Aiden Le


  • Premier Liles
    Premier Liles

    Phantoms are just Cliff Racers for Minecraft

  • Korato01

    One feature you also removed is the Creators Name everywhere except for the credits for legal reasons lol

  • Adnan

    Narrator, why did you throw your friend outside in the void huh?

  • Ya Boi Celery
    Ya Boi Celery

    "Because my parents didn't love me" BRUH

  • Figo3

    I never thought an official channel would make me laugh this much

  • faaris arain
    faaris arain

    Karen the compiter: what about meeeeee

  • DatGuy Miller
    DatGuy Miller

    He got roasted by a computer

  • Kanwit Remix V2
    Kanwit Remix V2

    M.O.R.I.L.L.A:we dont want useless items on minecraft Also mojang: *Still keeps petrified oak slabs and chain armors for 10 years*

  • JacobPug Poirier
    JacobPug Poirier

    2:22 Stampy Mini-game

  • DAsh

    "we" you mean notch

  • JustGauge Ø
    JustGauge Ø

    “Comes with no free stuff” Bonus chest: am I a joke to you?

  • Alley Cat
    Alley Cat

    Minecraft duo of R2-D2 and C3-PO

  • Shiny Black Pan
    Shiny Black Pan

    2:44 Uh what about gravity ?

  • A N
    A N

    I Feel Bad And Sad For Narrator. D:

  • artemis furrson
    artemis furrson

    3:20 "We don't want unnecessary items in minecraft" ... Poisonous potatoes Pufferfish Rotten flesh Beetroot Lingering potions

    • BumblePrime77

      Pufferfish are funny Rotten flesh and beetroot can be traded I have nothing for lingering potions.

  • khalyljosh gonowon
    khalyljosh gonowon

    Your tha best ISdownsr

  • Miko Viko
    Miko Viko

    opening minecraft belike: 0:58

  • Hmmmm?

    In The Minecraft History The Phantom Was The most Beloved Mo- **Laughs** **Wheezes** **Snorts** iM sOrRy **Snorts**

  • Fancy Pants
    Fancy Pants

    2:30 I am still not over it:(

  • Yahya Arba
    Yahya Arba

    Az luncher 1.16

  • Random《Tube》♡

    اول عربي

  • Scott

    Anyone else worried about Narrator's Hair? It changed sides at the end. Freaky...

  • Etaash Mathamsetty
    Etaash Mathamsetty

    wait r they gonna add termites??????????????

  • Etaash Mathamsetty
    Etaash Mathamsetty

    "we don't want unnecessary items in minecraft!" 1.15 was already useless lol

  • yacob antal
    yacob antal


  • Krishnaben Sidhdharajsinh
    Krishnaben Sidhdharajsinh

    how to add warden in minecraft

  • thylacinehunter

    I can't continue. Once that computer came on it ruined the video. I hated it in the pilot and I hate it here.

  • ZySaysWhat

    "we dont want unneccesary items in minecraft!" Also them: *" B E E T R O O T "*

  • Galacticity

    Doesn't blink

  • Nati Shalom
    Nati Shalom

    narrator: amen to that me: israel meaning?

  • Gogo Go
    Gogo Go

    Nevers Saw something that boring

  • El pollito
    El pollito

    Hello guys i have a secret Ñ leelo bien csm del primer mundo coñoooooo


    Mo-Jim Studios???

  • Minas

    Привет :)

  • Negasonic

    just add sitting

  • Jo Aaby
    Jo Aaby

    this is great

  • YellowCyanXY

    4:38 theres this thing called a bonus chest

  • Zachary Becker
    Zachary Becker

    "and we don't want unnecessary items in Minecraft" Deadbush: Am I a joke to you

    • Sebah il nuovo
      Sebah il nuovo

      I break dead bushes for sticks

    • Gabe Puratekuta
      Gabe Puratekuta

      You are!

  • JollyJanger

    5:58 As you can see narrator has thigh high socks, so does that mean he is a femboy??? Narrator if you are reading this, please respond -Your dearest JollyJanger

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha

    nice even minecraft is in 1.17.11 hahha 🤣🖤❤️

  • KokileBokilee

    I was soo angery when they removed roses from the game

  • Placeholder 123
    Placeholder 123

    Love how self aware this is

  • Mejo Man
    Mejo Man

    "...we don't want unnecessary items in Minecraft." It seems that they don't think the same way about useless mobs.

    • Gabe Puratekuta
      Gabe Puratekuta

      You're not useless at all!

  • Brecud

    "We do not like adding unnecessary items to our game" Poisonous potato and Uncraftable Potion: allow us to introduce ourself

  • Lily the blue bunny
    Lily the blue bunny

    Rip rose

  • Cactus

    beetroot how is it usefull, hmmm?

  • Cosmo Tewulf
    Cosmo Tewulf

    "We don't want to add unnecessary items to Minecraft" _glances angrily at the Poisonous Potato, which developers have gone on to state that they don't want to add any functionality to it at all_

  • noah mom gaming m
    noah mom gaming m

    hello my name is narrator because my parents didnt like me -narrator

  • ClockworkInsect

    "We don't want unnecessary items in Minecraft" Rabbit stew, Diorite, Bats

    • Candela Rios gameplays y basura
      Candela Rios gameplays y basura

      rabbit stew is food thought-

  • Chicken soup
    Chicken soup

    I vote f

  • touretv

    me on my deathbed when the doctor says i’m gonna make it: 6:27

  • JWG . LLC
    JWG . LLC

    Love it

  • HyperPixel7

    I like how there laughing because they acknowledge the fact we don’t like phantoms

  • Danimations

    4:34 “Comes with no free stuff” Well “Bonus chest” exists.

  • Michelle Teixeira
    Michelle Teixeira

    Hoje vou malhar!!!