Caves & Cliffs Special: Mobs
Join Brandon and Nir for a look at the mobs that are joining Minecraft in Caves & Cliffs: Part I. Discover where axolotls, glow squid, and goats will spawn, how they interact with other mobs and blocks, and what a goat’s scream sounds like!

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    Minecraft Is Unreal Because 80.5 Of Goats In The World Live In Plans

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    how to add wardan in minecraft

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    where did all the years go..

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    Olivia Esparza

    And the next update can you ask at the Moo bloom me and my best friend been talking about it and you really want it in the game 😢😥😭🥺🙏☹️😔

    • Olivia Esparza
      Olivia Esparza

      Will you at the green axolotl texter please

    • Olivia Esparza
      Olivia Esparza

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  • Reactor Logs
    Reactor Logs

    I have seen this pink one, camman18 telling us at the new Cave Update, the farlands RETURNED!!!

  • Reactor Logs
    Reactor Logs

    Mojang, Please make the farlands so cool and so high

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    Luis Alberto Nieves campos

    and finally thanks mojang for adding new things to minecraft, updates and mobs thank you very much minecraft and mojang

  • Luis Alberto Nieves campos
    Luis Alberto Nieves campos

    we also need a new pilaller

  • Luis Alberto Nieves campos
    Luis Alberto Nieves campos

    I propose that they add a new mob, a mob in which you can find in the caves.

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    Were is green axolotl??? I can't find it i just find all execpt the green it was announced in the video green was there but why

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    0:26 dude it part 1 not part 2

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    Cloudy the Wolf

    I think that goats can be milked as cows do Don't know For sort of variety

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    Because of how the overworld and nether are tied in terms of travel generation, will the caves and cliffs also directly effect the generation of the nether?

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    ziah joanna sanopao

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    I can't wait for the Warden!!!!!!

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    Also, can you please remove Cave Sounds/Ambience because I have Ansophobia (Fear of Minecraft Cave Sounds) 😰

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  • Slozy ‘s animations!
    Slozy ‘s animations!

    OR IOS??

  • Slozy ‘s animations!
    Slozy ‘s animations!


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      gamer panda

      It’s not in the game yet bozo did you even watch

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    I wonder when they will release the Warden since he is gone

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    Chesca Eunice Salvador

    I like the axolotl it is so cute and thank you for all the building blocks thank you for everything added to Minecraft thank you for all the updates and I enjoyed the updates 🥰🥰🥰

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      Chesca Eunice Salvador

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    Why you are not focusing on mcpe ?

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  • Dani Craft
    Dani Craft

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    New mobs are cool and all but when tf is mojang gonna add vertical slabs

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      @Baris Klausen yes

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      Baris Klausen

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      Tazy Stuff

      Maybe for you, there's so many glow squids at the ocean near my house

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    Syafiq & Hasan Shorts

    Add colours to the goat

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    Why dint they add the green axalotol

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    Add a green axolotl and its gonna be A Rare One like a blue one 🐟+🐊=Axolotl

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    Anna Roberts

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    What happened to Markus Persson (Notch). Why isn’t he here?

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    The Sovietism Axolotl

    Bro once I found a screaming goat… but I killed it cause it got annoying

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    Dearie Patriarca

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    please reply i cannot find a single netherite scrap in the nether i even watched all the tuturials how to get netherite fast and easy but none of these worked and im even on hardcore

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    Sandra Balderas

    I hope seriously that the warden have knockback resistence in the bedrock edition, that Will be a truly challenge

  • I’m so glad how Minecraft got me to care for one and raised awareness

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    What about the green axolotol in part one movie thing

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    Game machine Game machine

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    Please make Part tow of cave and Cliff's

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      Chill, the Pt II update (1.18) is coming at the end of the year