Caves & Cliffs Special: Looking Forward
Agnes and Alex are here with answers about the Caves & Cliffs Update, specifically about the Part I and Part II split. Find out when each part will be released, what you can expect from Part II, and a little look at what we have planned after Caves & Cliffs!

  • Joseph Carter
    Joseph Carter

    Need to get rid of floating blocks

  • Xbox One 2
    Xbox One 2

    Can go get minecraft NOW!

  • •C h i k u_ K h o t a•
    •C h i k u_ K h o t a•

    Well this was a disappointment.. no archeology, no bundles, no wardens, split in half. Just, why?

  • Кирилл Едалов
    Кирилл Едалов

    Какой вы хотите сделать обновление Майнкрафта Я русский русский

  • gamer dude
    gamer dude

    Update s we all want 1 end update making more bosses in the end and end mobs 2 sea update knowed as the ocean biome adding sharks crab shrimp shells 3 village update adding more villager jobs and junggle villages swamp villages and more items 4 ore update adding ruby's gems crystals 5 mob update adding titanoboa as a boss spawned in a new portal named the old age we're Tere is more bosses like a trex

  • TC Netherite
    TC Netherite

    1.18 The cheese world update

  • Madeleine Green
    Madeleine Green


  • i dont want a name so this is it goodbye still dk
    i dont want a name so this is it goodbye still dk

    What texture pack is that?

  • AvaWasTaken 7258
    AvaWasTaken 7258

    part 1 is here now im waiting for part 2 minecraft is zebest game ever its my favourite

  • Dreamer0172

    Mojang Can we Add New mobs in badland maybe We at nether we can at new boss

    • B S
      B S


  • Josh Gabriel Baes
    Josh Gabriel Baes

    I love this update so much but i hope this update isnt ruch to much and have better quality and more.I just love the team

  • Dulal Boro
    Dulal Boro

    Make volcano update plese

  • Dulal Boro
    Dulal Boro

    Can't wait for part ll 2 1.18

  • samy'universe

    Why not add enderite ore which you can only find in the end

  • Chris Brunswick
    Chris Brunswick

    husk head

  • Chris Brunswick
    Chris Brunswick

    Can you add a husk and ender armor in the game

  • ちゃるず

    When people that creates games loves their job and puts passion into what they do, this is what you get. A well balanced game that feels the same but more exiting with new updates regularly made.



  • S creations 💗
    S creations 💗

    Oppppppppppppp minecraft game 🎮

  • Savannah Linghon
    Savannah Linghon

    Will it be on mobile part II

  • Buzzybeeboy

    my lap top crashing looking at the image

  • Monika Wacławek
    Monika Wacławek

    Why green axolotles are not in game and blue not in bedrock edition

  • Лампа МастераUA
    Лампа МастераUA

    ets game sow cool

  • BeatBox

    I found blue axoltol

  • Manoj Kumar
    Manoj Kumar

    Agnes: please add phoenix Armor and tolls to Minecraft:Bedrock edition Thanks I love Minecraft

  • Mike

    Im Love Nature Especially Minecraft because Minecraft Teach how about Nature Not Technology that change Nature

  • Victor Quasar
    Victor Quasar

    Please unite java edition and Bedrock.


    and players with bad computers what do you think about it since it is evident that with each update the game gets heavier this version will be optimized?

  • Octavio P. Mutti
    Octavio P. Mutti

    there is going to be a jungle update

  • Octavio P. Mutti
    Octavio P. Mutti

    i love minecraft

  • Luiz e Cilene Gatti
    Luiz e Cilene Gatti


  • Chriezen Cyrex Gealon
    Chriezen Cyrex Gealon

    pls release it now 😁

  • Tiago waldo canaviri
    Tiago waldo canaviri

    Yessssss 1.17

  • Sanura videos
    Sanura videos

    worlds best game is minecraft it is so fun ❤️❤️⛏⛏⚒️⚒️

  • Sanura videos
    Sanura videos

    worlds best game is minecraft it is so fun ❤️❤️i⛏⛏⚒️⚒️

  • Jen Larson
    Jen Larson

    Please add natural disasters

  • Muhammad Aiman Syafe
    Muhammad Aiman Syafe

    Why part two end of the year

  • Craftsman Gamer
    Craftsman Gamer

    I hate Minecraft I love Fortnite

  • Kaz zeee
    Kaz zeee

    5:22 most important part of this Q&A


    Pls add bananas and monkeys in mc pls

  • dream♡♡feke

    Update end plis

  • Jayjay Flores
    Jayjay Flores

    I really love the game, but even at the lowest chunk settings and fancy graphics off, the game still lags, we mobile gamers suffer a lot from these, and after the updates the game became even slower, before any more upcoming updates, hope that you guys make the game much more smoother for players that play the game in potato devices :)

  • Call of duty3201
    Call of duty3201

    Minecraft should add more bird types besides the parrots like crows and bald eagles and robins

  • Johan Miagao
    Johan Miagao

    My favorite feature is the sculk sensor

    • Johan Miagao
      Johan Miagao


  • Seanreibert Mari
    Seanreibert Mari

    Hey wheres my bundle in minecraft android

  • Pio Millora Gaming
    Pio Millora Gaming

    There's so many 1.17 bugs in bedrock edition

  • สุรวุฒิ อนุกูลกิจ
    สุรวุฒิ อนุกูลกิจ

    octopus in 1.18

  • Joshua legi
    Joshua legi

    Can i work there when iam 20

  • Нурлан Боранбаеа
    Нурлан Боранбаеа

    Finnaly update

  • 607

    Blending would be incredible!

  • yes sir
    yes sir

    your mom

  • pro

    Why don't they add frogs in minecraft

  • AnVbeluga

    Why i found green axoltol

  • Bailey Janssen
    Bailey Janssen

    Bring back the illusioners

  • creeper gemer
    creeper gemer

    Podrían agregar al oso pardo en Minecraft comería miel sentado en los árboles

  • Soldier

    Part 3 with the warden: *singnature look of superiority*

  • Lee Shields
    Lee Shields

    Minecraft you fixed a bunch of glitches but I have a glitch were I can't log in to my maps that I paid for and can't customise my skins and skins that I paid can't be put on plz fix

  • themuratkarakas


  • Бинди

    please give me a new cape. I have already made a suitable skin. my nickname Binndi. plz plz plz plz

  • bababooey

    can axolotls be my pet

  • Yuri Yuri
    Yuri Yuri

    New addon minecraft actual gun



  • Michael Avak
    Michael Avak

    You should add another major update for Minecraft Live 2022, Called Sam and Danni Update 1.20 by blockception!

  • A_lby McCool
    A_lby McCool

    Can you remove the moderation "features" that were added in the 1.16 update? I prefer to play Minecraft: a game where no one can tell you what you can or can not do.

  • Valtencir Sgorla
    Valtencir Sgorla

    Oh, i am BR 🇧🇷 América sul🇧🇷 e América norte🇱🇷

  • Twt Jhoel
    Twt Jhoel

    Porque no en Minecraft 1.18 agregan diferentes dragones y armadura para todo caballo y también para los lobos y porque no agregan el Rubí

  • slender Ender
    slender Ender

    Hey Mojang can you add a mob It's like the vindicator but it's like a Much more powerful vindicator and the mob is much much bigger than the average sized vindicator and it's called the Brute Snared vindicator It has a big Enchanted axe and it has a big Shield The enchantment has Sharpness 10 Is where it's located in Underground mansion and in the Underground mansion theres Avokers In a different type of pillager and the brute snared vindicator drops the axe and the sheld and the axe is a iron Enchanted axe


    East or west Minecraft is best 😘

  • Ahmad Zag
    Ahmad Zag

    can you make damiond ore and gold ore glow in 1.18

  • Дуэйн Гора Джонсон⁸
    Дуэйн Гора Джонсон⁸

    Агнес выглядит лучше с последнего видео

  • SonicRaheem

    Can U Do An Update On The Jungle Like A Village In There,Thanks (Love Ur Game😊🥰🥰🥰

  • pointyfingers

    Holy Intro music, Batman!

  • Luis perez
    Luis perez

    Les falta español mi loco👍

  • Ned Linnehan
    Ned Linnehan

    In the jungle biome add like a gorilla or Something else that was in the jungle

  • Ywl Yakub
    Ywl Yakub

    super hero minecraft

  • Ywl Yakub
    Ywl Yakub

    free dowlode in play stor in minecraft mojang compney

  • Ywl Yakub
    Ywl Yakub

    my best game minecraft

  • Ywl Yakub
    Ywl Yakub

    1.18 update.go fast

  • Stanley Dacallos
    Stanley Dacallos

    What Minecraft edition will have the update first tho

  • Charlie

    Question: will my laptop crash after 1.18?

    • Enivo

      depends on it’s specs

  • KS Toony
    KS Toony

    Comments Statistics: 1% Actual Minecraft 99% *Agnes*

  • Justin Francesco
    Justin Francesco

    Lol imagine complaining about these updates! I've played this game since it's earliest release and I welcome all updates with open arms. I could only ask for Jungle and Swamp villages if possible :0

  • Ratchanon Onhwan
    Ratchanon Onhwan

    Can you update me1.17.20 please

  • Bimbo Nutella
    Bimbo Nutella

    hi mojan I came under the youtube cpmme ti you because I had no other way to contact you anyway I would like to understand something that I will explain to you I was playing in my world in crativa I was doing something with the redstone while listening to the modified minecraft discs then to um certain point the character walked alone jumped used emotes ran and built random things i panicked i didn't enter minecraft anymore please can you help me?

  • Secret Chest
    Secret Chest

    I like the wai taiga biomes can generate on mountains

  • Secret Chest
    Secret Chest

    Make minecraft open source (but still paid)

  • Jonathan M
    Jonathan M

    sharks pls

  • R.V

    major means big in Spanish

  • Kris

    imma keep it PG, but I dont care about ur mental health, ur still getting a paycheck, but yet underdelivering on content, yet you try to make us fans and customers feel guilty for your lack of ability? All of our mental health has been ruined this past year or so, you lot are still lucky you have work, especially in such an amazing industry, yet you victimize yourself. Its embarressing, shows weakness and if you really cant handle it you should step down from your jobs as many people would step up and do a better job

    • The Bread Bunny
      The Bread Bunny

      If you don't care about the devs, they don't owe you anything.

  • 0ne flux 2
    0ne flux 2

    Why the muck you splited in mucking half???

  • Eframe Jacob W. Allam
    Eframe Jacob W. Allam

    It's free?

    • The Bread Bunny
      The Bread Bunny

      The update? Yes

  • gamerboy 2010
    gamerboy 2010

    hello minecraft

    • Carl Johnson
      Carl Johnson




  • Ninja gaming
    Ninja gaming

    is there gonna be a new boss soon??

    • The Bread Bunny
      The Bread Bunny


  • razel blitzkrieg
    razel blitzkrieg

    Awww yess lets have DESSERT UPDATE

  • LinhVitVN

    Can play old map on version 1.18?

    • LinhVitVN

      @The Bread Bunny okay

    • The Bread Bunny
      The Bread Bunny


  • Manoelle Rosa
    Manoelle Rosa


  • Kafei PanDulce
    Kafei PanDulce

    Pero el enlace decía “Minecraft gratis durante todo agosto” ):

    • Jesús Briseño
      Jesús Briseño

      justo eso venía buscando jajaja

  • Evangeline Sahagun
    Evangeline Sahagun

    Hey i can't update my Minecraft because it's ace market 😓😥

  • Wasif Khandaker
    Wasif Khandaker

    Agness voice is kinda like Shulkercraft.🤔