Minecraft Dungeons Diaries: Hidden Depths DLC
Take a big breath because we’re about to take a deep dive into the new Hidden Depths DLC together with Laura and JP! Discover how the new ocean biomes affect gameplay, what new gear you can expect, and learn more about the Raid Captains from the free update. That’s not all, it’s been an entire year since Minecraft Dungeons came out and we’re celebrating with cake, a cape, and more cake!

  • Aaron MedrNo
    Aaron MedrNo

    I really like the DLC but the Minecraft 1.17 update I will like to have the Axolotls

  • Brabley Helman
    Brabley Helman

    Finally a new map in Minecraft dungeons

  • Alex Stamati
    Alex Stamati

    Anyone even waiting for a Dungeons Diaries for Echoing Void DLC?

  • KIVI Productions
    KIVI Productions

    Why does Laura look so cute 😂 I really like her

  • Alex infinite gaming
    Alex infinite gaming

    I Like IT too this dlc because its so Amanzing and when i played the other dlcs it was my Best moments of my life and i am your big fan of this game Minecraft dungeons and i'm so prund of You. For this dlc

  • Elijah Manuel Plazuelo
    Elijah Manuel Plazuelo

    is 1.18 part 2 of minecraft 1.17?

  • kayl robinson
    kayl robinson

    my parents wont let me get aany dlc's yet but when i completely beat the game i can

  • Mackids macalinao
    Mackids macalinao

    Add all the things in your different Minecraft games in the original game

  • Fiqbal omgomg
    Fiqbal omgomg

    Hey minecraft ! Can you teach me how to make customize able capes.

  • Mohamed Chaabene
    Mohamed Chaabene

    Hi minecraft please add Herobrine

  • Ricardo Sierra
    Ricardo Sierra

    we're the end

  • Alfredo Daniel Guzmán Sorto
    Alfredo Daniel Guzmán Sorto


  • Cain Fonseca
    Cain Fonseca

    MoGan puedes ber bideos de cosas que puedes inplementar

  • Nooper'z: Marcelo de Guerra
    Nooper'z: Marcelo de Guerra

    And minecraft vanilla like dust

  • Videos de MINECRAFT
    Videos de MINECRAFT



    1.18 YESSSSS

  • RZAstris

    I want a refund

    • Dorian Termini
      Dorian Termini

      why did you buy it?

  • Littleboyblue 44
    Littleboyblue 44

    Mojang needs to add support for keyboard and mouse on iOS

  • James Chan
    James Chan


  • James Chan
    James Chan



    Vai ter minecraft dungeons para celular

  • Krimson King
    Krimson King

    Yay elder Guardian

  • Ridiin Sachdeva
    Ridiin Sachdeva

    I tried and Iove it

  • Jaedon Lombela
    Jaedon Lombela

    Hi Mojang, why don't the hero pass members have these doc's? Was it it really worth it?

    • naturalistic official
      naturalistic official

      : (

  • el caza yolotrollsඞ
    el caza yolotrollsඞ

    CALLA Y TOMA MI DINERO!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • The Master Builder
    The Master Builder

    Cloud save sounds fun

  • Juana Valerio garcia
    Juana Valerio garcia

    minecraftyou is beutiful minecra

  • Saad Abid
    Saad Abid

    Please tell us how to download minecraftdungeons for free please it should be a moblie game for free please please

  • Duy Lê
    Duy Lê

    Laura tâm hồn to thể

  • xander hasass
    xander hasass

    Meanwhile me calmly waiting for the free content update...

    • Dorian Termini
      Dorian Termini

      There's not gonna be a free content update, you know why? They need M O N E Y.

  • Damien Krawczuk
    Damien Krawczuk

    Absolutely love MC Dungeons, but someone said something recently about it losing its crafting ability and it made me think... They could add a crafting your own weapons n armour DLC, like really basic weapons n armour, then you could collect yay said amount of rare legendary and epic items break and recycle them to get new items to Tweek your weapons n armor.. it's just an idea, what does anyone think? Any other ideas or thoughts?

  • Diego Arita
    Diego Arita

    Que genial Solo me falta comprar el dlc

  • VeryMLGboi

    Why does every update have to be a PAID dlc, can’t you just add a new area which is free??


    minecraft new mob pls

  • corrupted otaku
    corrupted otaku

    They must add end dimension with ender dragon boss fight and some mini bosses in the end and also add wither boss fight in the nether which can shoot white lasers from its mouth and shoot wither blasts

  • ImJustT

    they should do more than just this. Please, the game isn't just fun anymore. Ancient Hunts have probably been the best free content update.

  • Enderman gamer 550
    Enderman gamer 550


  • que zerk
    que zerk

    How to make your game boring to people who dont spend money: DLC

  • Santiago Vila Gay
    Santiago Vila Gay

    Hello my favorite minecraft

  • Immortal125max



    Minecraft 1.17 MOBILE 😭😭😭😭

  • Pig 5784
    Pig 5784

    They should release a Allie called the axtolo from the minecraft caves and clif that would be a nice touch

  • Betterdeadthanred

    White Lives Matter!

  • Arthur Diffenhard
    Arthur Diffenhard

    designer: how cool should we make the new dlc minecraft dungeons chiefs: yes

  • azlie injian
    azlie injian

    Plsss:'( :'(

  • azlie injian
    azlie injian

    Plsss add minecraft dungeon to android

  • Blue_Tempest

    Thanks for the most useless Minecraft dungeons free update

  • Rayane Kamdem
    Rayane Kamdem

    Mojang why evry dlc you create should be downlowded with money

  • картафан


  • JoOsH


  • Jeffrey Nehil
    Jeffrey Nehil

    Am playing now

  • Koro Sensei :
    Koro Sensei :


  • JOSÉ LUIZ Mazzi
    JOSÉ LUIZ Mazzi

    coloca mais fases q n sejam pagas porque já estou quase zerando o apocalipse e n quero pagar por fazes

  • Elias

    Minecraft on my map I don't see the seasonal mission there can you help me

  • Ruiz

    Hi Mojang can you add Modding support for Minecraft ANDROID like pc plz

  • tornado cookie 120
    tornado cookie 120

    Yay yay new update for sunburns

  • Daniyaal Qureshi
    Daniyaal Qureshi


  • xXaleXx75 The Gamer
    xXaleXx75 The Gamer

    Okay Mojang Studios, you have a 1st Anniversary of Minecraft Dungeons (26/05/2020 - 26/05/2021)

  • JlMMYSAN 151
    JlMMYSAN 151

    Esa es una historia de origen brutal

  • Justy Studios
    Justy Studios


  • cookie_ragecat


  • rafa adventure
    rafa adventure

    I Love you

  • ERRdotexe

    this game is so beautiful, i just love it, but cant play 😭

  • Victor Højgaard
    Victor Højgaard

    Dunno if im wrong, but I feel like No one is playing this game.

  • Dr. Mako
    Dr. Mako

    How can I link my old account to a new computer?

  • D0CT0RM00N

    what if they did another update for the cave update where you went even deeper underground? Kind of like the normal minecraft dungeons but turned up a notch, and with glowing mobs and stuff and the caves and amethyst and all that.. could be cool!

  • The MilkMan
    The MilkMan

    As I watched this I noticed that one plate had a conduit so if Mojang were to make a new dlc I hope that it’s something like The Deep Dark Depht with a Warden boss fight or obstacle that you have to sneak across or a huge skulk amalgamation that makes a huge unholy monster. And you have to turn on lights and light lanterns as you go or hold a torch.

  • Kazi


  • runaway terrorist II
    runaway terrorist II

    I hope some of this stuff will transfer to minecraft!

  • سيد العاب | master des jeux
    سيد العاب | master des jeux

    jeux noo foor

  • سيد العاب | master des jeux
    سيد العاب | master des jeux


  • Jorge Linarez Herrera
    Jorge Linarez Herrera

    My yes my spañing

  • Josh Lindsey
    Josh Lindsey

    Next There should be a end dlc


    Me waiting for them to release at 3am

  • Revan Fardan
    Revan Fardan

    From yesterday I have thought about it first :v

  • Neha Singh
    Neha Singh

    can you tell the time?

  • Neha Singh
    Neha Singh

    its already 26 may but it not realese

  • Vitor leandro games
    Vitor leandro games

    Porque voceis nao faiz o minecraft (Dungeons) para androide :)

  • Dinky Gunky
    Dinky Gunky

    Thanks you.

  • Alif Hisyam Yuska
    Alif Hisyam Yuska

    maybe later there will be cave update in Minecraft dungeon

  • commentary cosmo
    commentary cosmo

    N-u-t-e-l-l-a What does it say? PEANUT BUTTA

  • Bros gay? wha...
    Bros gay? wha...

    This game would be fun if I had communities.... On ps4 but no.... Plus ps5 doesn't have em either... So I don't think I'll buy this but great dlc my favorite so far till the end dlc

  • Solars X Opticz
    Solars X Opticz

    Minecraft dungeon fans be like: WE NEED MORE DLCS. That’s actually just me😐

  • Solars X Opticz
    Solars X Opticz

    So when is it coming out?

  • john forrester
    john forrester


  • Atkilt Daniel Gebretsadik
    Atkilt Daniel Gebretsadik

    Release date of minecraft dungeons hidden depths

  • Filippos the god
    Filippos the god

    I love how they look so proud about what they've created...it's wholesome..I have this game since it came out...and I love seeing it grow up


    Pls add this to playstore or appstore or else i will force my self to buy a linux and download this game

  • Cookie Cat
    Cookie Cat

    I never understood how the daily things work. Is that how the cake things work???

  • Cookie Cat
    Cookie Cat

    The only thing is that after u pay so much for the game (especially on switch) you have to pay an extra 10 dollars each time u want a dlc. 😔

    • Dorian Termini
      Dorian Termini

      Mojang = EA.

  • Pay.Day.34

    Whenever I play levels in Minecraft dungeons, my progress for the luxury and mystery merchants doesn’t increase, even though I am killing the mobs needed. Does anyone know how to fix this glitch?

  • Pay.Day.34

    Whenever I play levels in Minecraft dungeons, my progress for the luxury and mystery merchants doesn’t increase, even though I am killing the mobs needed. Does anyone know how to fix this glitch?

  • Pay.Day.34

    Whenever I play levels in Minecraft dungeons, my progress for the luxury and mystery merchants doesn’t increase, even though I am killing the mobs needed. Does anyone know how to fix this glitch?

  • Teamroses group
    Teamroses group

    can you download minecraft dunheons

  • leozinho Andrade
    leozinho Andrade

    leonardo de lima andrade

  • Tomas Ignacio Manzanarez
    Tomas Ignacio Manzanarez

    yes dlc hidden depths minecraft dungeons

  • LemonLlama

    Hey minecraft it would be cool if one of the weapons should be a trident

  • ⛓Ᏼᴇᴩᴏниᴋᴀ🌹


  • Jorge 11w
    Jorge 11w

    Minecraft dungeons movil

  • FuzzyTurtle9000

    I'm still having issues on Xbox where I can't invite anyone...is anyone else experiencing this too?