Introducing Minecraft Plus!
Head over to , but don’t be alarmed if your computer screen gets a boxy make-over, your mobile device grows a cord, and your hair suddenly sprouts sweet, sweet frosted tips. You’re on a journey back in time with the all new, very old Minecraft Plus! Jump on the information superhighway to get your own (free!) Minecraft screen savers!

  • Gay I am
    Gay I am

    They roll us lol

  • Sarmad's Tech Lab
    Sarmad's Tech Lab

    This is a reference to Windows Plus!

  • Larry_TDR

    So annoyed that they made PS3 not update because they're Microsoft now

  • hung hai
    hung hai

    That is a April fool from Minecraft

  • SwissCheez84

    I clicked the link and kept watching thinking that a game was loading lol.

  • Mkndoge

    April Fools Plank

  • Aedyn Cooper
    Aedyn Cooper

    This is like a scam.

  • Neo Ultra
    Neo Ultra

    ngl they actually got me

  • reb1302 The Noob
    reb1302 The Noob

    pretty useless but okeh

  • Leozinho7777

    HAPPY APRIL FOLLS 2021 in november but ok

  • BlestTiger

    Mojang Studios: Minecraft Plus for Windows Me: WHAT ABOUT MACS HUH? Also: MOBBO APPROVED!

  • ifti cakehead123
    ifti cakehead123

    At first I thought it was a Sequel of Minecraft that have new mob biomes dimension and new structure

  • Inaxdee

    Everyone's talking about the screensavers. But, nobody's talking about the Microsoft Plus XP parody cover.

  • ArjunPlayzRealms

    cant belive this actually works lol

  • LavaFreeze


  • TauDudeBlobber

    shouldn't it use the original mojang logo if it's that old?


    0:46 bruh moment

  • snow furry
    snow furry


  • AnXpe Gaming
    AnXpe Gaming


  • Natasha Roman
    Natasha Roman

    >:( serios timeahhhhhhhhhh

  • saga gaming
    saga gaming


  • TheRealTV 12
    TheRealTV 12

    Is it funny that I have this installed?

  • AxoWaffles!

    0:45 I want this as my background for some reason. I don't know why but I do. And on mobile I know how to get animated backgrounds so...

  • Fork Genesis
    Fork Genesis

    0:22 C++ code confirmed

  • Javichin_1122

    April foooools

  • Dango_642

    april fool

  • 그냥 평범한채널
    그냥 평범한채널


  • noob

    so cool

  • Steve Weasley
    Steve Weasley

    There is always something interesting presented by Mojang every April Fool's Day...Is there a version for macOS?

  • Green n blue eyes person.
    Green n blue eyes person.

    What should we add in the true Minecraft Plus🧐?

  • 123FUN321

    this was uploaded in april fools

    • Tina Chavez
      Tina Chavez


  • DeaPlayz !
    DeaPlayz !

    well... atleast spinning blocks is... something

  • Siro official
    Siro official

    What the heo you

  • Fabio game Lima
    Fabio game Lima

    Fais mapa de naruto

  • Top Sanncha
    Top Sanncha

    in video there is ms dos, not windows 1.0 , 95 or better (bad eng)


    Happy pools day

  • Mohamed Chaabene
    Mohamed Chaabene

    Hi minecraft please add Herobrine

  • Dark red knight animation
    Dark red knight animation

    0:48 Me: ._.

  • 튜리카

    저거 할려면 성인인증 필요할 듯

  • Azhan

    This was publisher in 1 april

  • Lyam Seidel
    Lyam Seidel

    Hagan una Isla ufsdei por favor con volcanes, chozas y Y Minnie aldeas en Islas

  • Rice Ball Animations
    Rice Ball Animations

    What is your favorite mob/animal in minecraft? Mine is the Glow Squid!

    • Rice Ball Animations
      Rice Ball Animations

      @indiaball🇮🇳 Oh! Classic mob! Sweet!

    • indiaball🇮🇳

      Pig and cow

  • build mcpe
    build mcpe


  • Adrien VERDOU
    Adrien VERDOU

    insert minecraftplus file in system32

  • Golden Freddy Fazbear
    Golden Freddy Fazbear

    Lol guys it’s a troll

  • MCAlexisYT

    This thing ran under my radar when I was searching for a 2021 April Fools snapshot…

  • Олег Таранов
    Олег Таранов

    Next: Minecraft Defrag

  • RZAstris

    I want a refund

  • ktbk

    I just downloaded it. Pretty cool minecraft addon!

    • ktbk

      @Tina Chavez you seem to have a bad sense of humor

    • Tina Chavez
      Tina Chavez

      its not an addon

  • dunQer

    I thought this was DLC lol

  • sophy feng
    sophy feng

    nice april fools prank :)

  • El Enferman Esparza
    El Enferman Esparza

    i love

  • Blockanimart

    This is a joke but it's real

  • Windows 11
    Windows 11

    0:55 Avast:A threat has been detected

  • Victor Gabriel
    Victor Gabriel

    Never gonna give up

  • A.D.S

    before : window xp 98 plus now : minecraft plus

  • Littleboyblue 44
    Littleboyblue 44

    Mojang needs to add support for keyboard and mouse on iOS

  • le_minecraft_yt

    i dowload this cuz the app is very fun!

  • Максим Сидько
    Максим Сидько

    Never this is Minecraft plus for me.

  • risker 2005
    risker 2005

    How much does it cost

    • risker 2005
      risker 2005

      @Tina Chavez thanks

    • Tina Chavez
      Tina Chavez


  • Super Fox
    Super Fox

    This is a April fools joke because I can’t find it in the play store or the app store

    • Tina Chavez
      Tina Chavez

      its a website not an app

  • Mephisto Schauder
    Mephisto Schauder

    Only for windows? Rip off

  • Tuấn Minh
    Tuấn Minh

    rick roll :)))))

  • Triều Dương Phạm
    Triều Dương Phạm

    Troll ?

  • Bananakin

    I was expecting something bigger than a screen saver sheeesh

  • Roman Jay
    Roman Jay

    Bro they uploaded this the wrong date

  • ​⠀​⠀​⠀​⠀​⠀⠀​

    Pulus? pulse? PLUS!

  • Samurai1234

    Wait if netherite is in the nether can you add enderite to the game?(if you can please don’t make it hard it’s hard to find netherite also i want to hold a sword in my off hand in bedrock edition and also a bow) wait that would make the game to easy well just the sword in my off hand

  • Kaelen T
    Kaelen T

    I am so excited about the new Minecraft it's even better than the OG Minecraft I hope it comes out soon

    • Kaelen T
      Kaelen T

      @InjuringSum I was obviously joking

    • InjuringSum

      Did you even watch the video

  • Sandra L
    Sandra L


  • QCumberGuy

    i just love it!

  • Peter Nguyen
    Peter Nguyen

    spoilers: read the date

  • DandiFIRE Productions-Changing Soon
    DandiFIRE Productions-Changing Soon

    Nice looking screen saver

    • DandiFIRE Productions-Changing Soon
      DandiFIRE Productions-Changing Soon

      Why was it an April fool prank?

  • Dennis Botinis
    Dennis Botinis

    Those are screensavers

  • TokyLP

    nice game i love it

  • Guardian

    E p i c

  • Lucas Emanoel Carneiro Jardim
    Lucas Emanoel Carneiro Jardim

    April 1st!

  • James’ adventures In Hawaii
    James’ adventures In Hawaii


  • The Shaddix Family
    The Shaddix Family

    Minecraft Plus! More Like Minecraft Sus! lol Among Us Thin'

  • Asimo Cloud
    Asimo Cloud

    I would pay a million dollars to take me back in time rn

  • Earth and Star
    Earth and Star

    This will be the most successful game ever

  • Trishaan Jaising
    Trishaan Jaising

    Can you make it for Mac

  • churros

    I just realized that at the end of most new Minecraft videos, a leitmotif from the track “Minecraft” is played.

  • Blue Ninja
    Blue Ninja

    We've been tricked, we've been backstabbed, and we've been quite possibly bamboozled.

  • MatheusPlay

    April 1 prank

  • Mohammed Sadiq
    Mohammed Sadiq

    Plz make minecraft free

  • Moon Watcher
    Moon Watcher

    How much is it?

  • spxdyy

    Da glowsquid one is kinda sick

  • Loglux


  • Shinymew121

    I’m watching this 2 months later and I’m super confused until I check the date of the video

  • Clocker

    i just downloaded it and now my computer isnt turning on help

  • TS Slayy💚
    TS Slayy💚

    This is actually funny😂😂

  • BlackTeishin

    "most successful game about blocks of dirt" I love that


    It might have been April fools like 10years ago but it's very real and it will be a thing as long as the original Minecraft will ever be!

  • relue

    this is the best game ever reads the date : oh well nvm


      Excuse me, but this is a screen saver not a game!

  • drip sandpaper
    drip sandpaper

    i have pranked my friend with this B)

  • Aaden & Eliora
    Aaden & Eliora

    I am confused

  • BraveCow


  • Nancy Tok Juan Lim
    Nancy Tok Juan Lim

    I expected getting rick rolled actually

  • Lunch Packs
    Lunch Packs

    I forgot to feel nostalgia...